Wishes And Thieves: Forest Fire

Indie rockers Wishes And Thieves have come a long way from their last EP, Lighthouse. Although their previous work is creative, the band’s Forest Fire EP incorporates more elements of traditional rock and pop, which allows it to appeal to a more widespread audience.

The five-track creation is ethereal and atmospheric. It begins with songs “Forest Fire” and “Let You In,” which have an airy, out-of-this-world vibe. “Forest Fire,” in particular, is set to a psychedelic rhythm, with an incessant drum beat and chiming sound. Its destructive, fiery imagery convey emotions of hopelessness and despair. Similarly, distorted vocals on “Let You In” provide it with a funky feel, but its catchy melody and subtle blues influence make it more optimistic.

In contrast, track three, “Falling,” is less distant and more relatable. The vocals are stronger and contain clever, passionate lyrics. Throughout its verses, band member Jolanda Porter sings of “candy colored envy” and “reinventing disguise.” Its loud, in your face tune is dripping with emotion. Although it appears to be more conventional than its preceding tracks, it sets the stage for a sentimental CD.

“Begin Again” and “Train” combine the eclectic indie influence of the first two songs with the emotional value of the third. In “Begin Again,” the vibrant guitar chords and drum riffs express feelings of happiness and nostalgia. The repetitive lyrics give the song a cyclical nature that accentuates what it is really about—starting over. “Train” has a techno, electronic sound that is perfectly complemented with its energetic choruses.

Wishes And Thieves have altered their musical style by creating an EP that is universal and cathartic. Forest Fire features the best of both worlds, with its eclectic, otherworldly tracks and its more typical, heartfelt compositions.

In A Word: Versatile