Ravens And Chimes: Holiday Life

Ravens And Chimes have created a mind-blowing second album. Their first, Reichenbach Falls, received little recognition for its sheer creativity and passion. However, with Holiday Life’s relaxing, indie rock vibe and heart-wrenching lyrics, it is hard to imagine it will suffer the same feat. Its slow, ethereal melodies bring the listener out of reality and into a carefree, dream-like place.

With male and female vocal harmonies, Holiday Life is full of beautifully crafted tracks with undeniable sentimental value. Ravens And Chimes manage to combine serious topics with feel-good melodies, creating a credible album that is pleasant to listen to. For example, “Past Lives” is full of pain and distress. However, its soft, delicate arrangements recognize life’s hardships in a cathartic manner. It ends with the sounds of chirping birds, completing its surreal effect.

Track eight, “Fox Gloves,” clearly displays this idea with eerie, monotone vocals and the soft notes of a piano. Although it addresses the difficulties of change and unrequited love, its melancholy tune serves to be both peaceful and comforting. Because of this, “Fox Gloves” fully encases the listener in their personal place of bliss.

Perhaps the album’s most playful composition is “Night.” With the sharp chords of an acoustic guitar, it has an irrefutable folk influence. It is catchy, repetitive and rhythmic. There is a constant rhyme that undermines its otherwise solemnity. “Let me spend the night with you/and if you really wanted to/you could leave when it is through,” it spews over and over again. “Night” is infectious and animated, adding yet another component to Ravens And Chimes latest work.

If you’re looking for good music and an escape from reality, I would strongly recommend Holiday Life.

In A Word: Cathartic