Marion Loguidice: Tales From The Topside World

Marion Loguidice’s Tales From The Topside World is otherworldly. With slow, folk melodies, it is both calming and sentimental. In just 13 tracks, the album touches on many universal topics, including the ideas of young love, nature and escape.

The opening songs, “Daybreak” and “We Were Flying,” establish a spiritual, indie vibe. “Daybreak” is fun loving and energetic, showcasing Loguidice’s talent and wholesome vocals. It references the environment with rainbow and waterfall imagery, tying back into the album’s major theme of nature. Similarly, “We Were Flying” portrays an imaginative place where time and troubles do not exist. With the soft sounds of an acoustic guitar, the track is peaceful and harmonious.

Tales From The Topside World is also catchy and rhythmic. This is best conveyed by “Lit By Light” and “Guru.” Due to its repetitive rhyme scheme and guitar riffs, “Lit By Light” is an extremely captivating track with an addictive beat. “Guru” is arranged quite similarly. Its infectious lyrics capture a person seeking guidance from a teacher or higher being, which accentuates the mystical vibe present in the rest of the album. At around 1:00, it explodes into a loud, peppy chorus that represents the guru giving his advice. It then goes back to its previous melody. This same pattern repeats throughout the rest of the track when various other people visit the guru.

Marion Loguidice has truly outdone herself with her latest work. In just 54 minutes she has managed to capture an alternate universe. Tales From The Topside World is a place free of worries and full of nature’s miracles. Take a listen and enjoy its relaxing tendencies.

In A Word: Ethereal