Hot Water Music: Exister

Hot Water Music’s latest work gives you a feeling of nostalgia even if it’s only your first time listening. With this record’s fast pace and its Americana vibe, Exister makes for the perfect summer time driving soundtrack. Raw, mature vocals are just the right complement to the precise guitar riffs throughout the 13 cohesive songs. This album is accessible in a way that it could make a fan out of a person from the classic rock generation, just as well as it could a present day rock listener. “Mainline,” the opener, sets the bar high with super rhythmic guitars and catchy vocals. The second track, “Boy, You’re Gonna Hurt Someone,” does not disappoint the expectation for a song that is equally as fun.

The best way to describe Exister to someone who has not yet listened is as the love child of Foo Fighters and The Gaslight Anthem. The speed at which this record flies by validates that there is an underlying hint of punk to it. After a bit of listening, as a whole, it does become mostly predictable, but each individual song is well done. “The Traps,” one of the final tracks, might be the coolest song and is definitely the most intricate. This band has an understanding of their own sound and they stick to their guns for the entirety of the album. There are not many current Americana outfits that come to mind as I attempt to compare Hot Water Music with a similar sort. It would be refreshing to hear more contemporary rock and roll acts perform with the caliber of musicianship that is showcased in this collection of songs.

In A Word: Honest