Still Flyin’: On A Bedroom Wall

Back in 2004, Sean Rawls formed the San Francisco-based indie pop supergroup known as Still Flyin’. Having worked with various other bands around Athens, GA, such as Masters Of The Hemisphere and Je Suis France, the group got its name from a song Rawls wrote while he was with the latter, called “Never Gonna Touch The Ground.” The group is officially based in San Fran but their members can be found all over the world. Still Flyin’ has a core group of about 15, and countless other guys they refer to as “spiritual members” that come and go as they please. Rawls worked with about 12 members of the core group on the making of their sophomore album, On A Bedroom Wall.

From the beginning, you can tell you’re going to be in for a fun listening experience. The disc leads off with “Elsie Dormer” and it contains a really chilled out techno vibe with soft vocals. It only gets better from there. After listening to the first part of the album, comparisons to The Cure began to run through my mind and it’s most apparent in tracks like “Spirits” and “Big Trouble In Little Alabama.” Those comparisons were quickly forgotten though after listening to the more unique and interesting second half of the album.

Each track gets better and better. From the funky, syncopated beats in “Cleat Talking” and the spirited and fun “Candlemaker,” to the ethereal “oohs” from “Take These Streets” that nearly put me to sleep (in a good way), each track has its own distinct personality. Many of the tracks were immensely peaceful and relaxing and it made any stress I had immediately melt away. After listening to some of the songs off On A Bedroom Wall, my eyelids are substantially heavier. I need to go take a nap.

In A Word: Calming