Joe Bonamassa: Driving Towards The Daylight

Joe Bonamassa’s 10th solo studio release, Driving Towards The Daylight, is a classical blend of rock, funk, blues and jazz. The disc starts off with steady organs that tessellates into harder guitars. Mystical chimes mellow out “Dislocated Boy,” while Bonamassa’s rough yet soulful voice keeps the edge throughout the piece. Driving Towards The Daylight gets a soft touch during the harmonious and heartfelt acoustic ballad, “Driving Towards The Daylight.” Bonamassa’s voice loses its harsh tone in exchange for a softer and sweeter one despite the brash lyrical content. The album also has a slight dark side to it. “A Place In My Heart” is a slow, deep cut with a wailing and lengthy guitar solo in it.

Driving Towards The Daylight captures loneliness, heartache, life observations and pairs the feelings with powerful guitar solos. Bonamassa also puts his bluesy spin on “Stones In My Passway,” originally by Robert Johnson. The ever so catchy “Heavenly Soul” provides a pop vibe toward the ending of the album. Sporadic keys and jeers starts off the hard-hitting “Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go,” which has a much more narrative feel to it than some the other songs on the release. Bonamassa wows the listener with his slick guitar work throughout the release, which in itself, is just one of the many reasons to thoroughly listen to the disc.

In A Word: Classic