The Mommyheads: Vulnerable Boy

The San Francisco-based, indie rock group The Mommyheads, will be making a return to the act of record producing this year with their new album, Vulnerable Boy. Currently, the boys are touring through Europe in order to support the new record and give their fans, both old and new, a taste of what they have been up to. This album is one that could be enjoyed and speculated upon by any true music lover.

Upon hearing the first track, “On A Clear Night,” there is a sense of not knowing what to expect, for there is nothing more then a light piano and decadently soft vocals. The Mommyheads clearly know what they are looking for in chemistry, between instrumental tone and volume, in that there is a sharp crunch to the stringed instruments mixed with those piano sounds and perfect vocal harmonies. A very jazzy influence is evident throughout all of the songs. As the tracks progresses, so does their sound, as they take a turn into a direction that feels more circus influenced. All throughout the record, the bass bursts out with styles found in most contemporary and past funk genres. The song “My Intruder” is perhaps the best part of the album. It seems to promote this silly, unnatural feeling that rocks before it throws itself into a more epic meaningful sound. After the chorus, the song brings itself back to that cooky vibe, which makes you wonder if you are listening to one song or two.

It could be considered either a true pleasure to listen to this album to some, or just plain weird to others. Whatever the case may be, in the end, this record is most definitely worth a purchase.

In A Word: Comforting