A Place To Bury Strangers: Worship

New York natives A Place To Bury Strangers have a release date for the newest edition to their discography, Worship, set for later this month. This will be their third studio album under Dead Oceans. The 11-track offering balances a post-rock feel on its way to the border of a new wave of rock between electronics and organic instrumental sounds.

The aspect of electronica being incorporated into the content of the music is what makes the album stand out the most. Each of the first five tracks open with one form or another of distortion before they explode into a more quickly paced droned out rhythm. After getting past the vibrantly progressive tunes within the first half of the album, there is a breaking point within the song titled “Dissolved.” This is the piece of the album that takes more of a backseat and quiets itself down a bit so that more emphasis can be put on each working part. The fact that there is so much experimentation with consistency in the beats is what makes this album brilliant. Dynamically, this album is a masterpiece in that it covers all aspects of what post-rock minded fans are looking for.

As with the singing in any other band, the vocal section of Worship is the kind that one must have a taste for, or at least the open-mindedness to allow room for growth. Fans of the ’80s style, low-pitch, echo sounding singing could find this album a true joy. No matter the case, there are parts that make it an enjoyable listen for any open mind.

In A Word: Trans-Genre