The Company Band: Pros And Cons

The Company Band are quite possibly every fan of heavy rock’s ultimate fantasy. The supergroup, comprised of Neil Fallon (Clutch), Jess Margera (CKY), Brad Davis (Fu Manchu), Jim Rota (Fireball Ministry) and Dave Bone, have recently produced a new EP that adds another rockin’ addition to their two prior releases.

Anyone expecting to hear Clutch or any of the other bands’ work may be disappointed, for the sound of this group has its own brand. The fact that each release by TCB leaves behind the members’ previous projects and creates its own sound is what makes their music truly unique.

Every Company Band release sounds more retro then the previous one, which holds true with Pros And Cons. The most outstanding feature of nostalgia is the guitar work. Bone and Rota really let loose and leave the listener with the sense that they truly love this project. Nothing too heavy or doomy is present, which is surprising.

That same aspect of writing songs that are a bit slower yet rock just as hard are still present. “El Dorado” is the perfect song to end an album due to its “end of the night” feel. Although some may have negative things to say about the recording quality, they are sorely mistaken. The production is perfect and flawless. Each instrument is heard clearly, especially the bass.

Pros And Cons is most definitely a step forward for The Company Band. In the business of conserving that old rock and roll style that at times has been forgotten, The Company Band has surely proven themselves to be robber barons.

In A Word: Expansion