Father And Son: Angry Moon

Angry Moon is the current EP from the Jersey duo Father & Son. Throughout the four tracks, a common theme reoccurs, and it is that of adventure. Sprawling outward from one genre to another, the record mixes ambient music with groove rock and even at some moments, hip-hop. “Sailing On The Moon” sets the mood as well as the bar for the opening song on the CD. Beginning slow and steady, the vocalists describe the out-of-body experience that this track is named after. The dreamy song builds up with enthused guitars and drums accompanying it to its climax. The sophomore cut, “Broken Castle” creeps in with a Raconteurs-like fake out before transforming into a raw canvas for group member Ryan Smith to rap over. His harsh words are layered over a subtle, mellow chorus where singer Tim Barr repeats “broken castle,” a part which evens out the rough edges bringing the number back to its center.

Within the album, there doesn’t appear to be much rhyme or reason and the group’s experimentation makes for an interesting undertaking. On the record’s namesake, “Angry Moon,” the structure that was the backbone to the tracks previous ceases to exist. Thrashing all the way through its minute and a half lifespan, this number is utterly chaotic, as the percussion and guitar battle it out for sonic dominance. The album slows to a close, sticking to its nautical theme with “Oceanliner.” Halfway into the track, the slow pace is disrupted by a saxophone solo that is unexpected, as per usual with the interesting elements incorporated on Angry Moon. An ethereal feel fades back in and allows for a major mood shift that brings back to the dream-like state that this EP began with. This leaves the listener wondering what kind of dream this pair could render if given the proper opportunity.

In A Word: Surprising