The Brian Boggess Group: Debut EP

The Brian Boggess Group are a New York City-based quartet featuring Brian Boggess (vocals/guitar), Jon Davis (organ), Fabrice Calmettes (bass) and Marc Friedlander (drums). Their first release, Debut EP is a four-track disc that combines both catchy hooks and bitter lyrics to form a glittering yet cynical release. A funky opener, “Indigo” starts off with deep guitar chords until it becomes a loud and power rock fueled piece. The spastic guitars and organ matched with the explosive drum ending starts Debut EP off with a bang. In contrast to the crisp first song, “Jack Knife” infects the collection of tracks with a jaded and jazzy feel. Boggess’ vocals have sort of a playful tone to them from this point forward but with the sting of a wasp’s bite.

The second half of the release begins with a quirky little ditty titled “Mistress Anya Knees.” The slick guitar of the cheeky third cut helps to push forward a twisted love story. The finale, “I Remember When” ends the disc with on a strong, classic rock sound to prove that the four-piece are a force to be reckoned with. For a debut release, the New York quartet puts on various hats and proves that they can deliver fresh jams that even though they’re different, can fit together snug like puzzle pieces.

In A Word: Solid