Vasudeva: Life In Cycles

Life In Cycles is an eight-song release that clocks in a little bit over 30 minutes; not too long yet not too short for an instrumental release. Vasudeva opens up their latest project with “Ritual,” an energetic and edgy number that is a flavorful appetizer for what’s to come. The smooth transitions on Life In Cycles makes it easy to just get lost in the band’s cycle, however, that doesn’t mean that they’ll fade into the background as you’re multitasking; the quartet demands full attention throughout it. Jovial riffs paired with some slower ones for seasoning makes “In Leu Of Youth” feel like a journey through life in just over four minutes. From the start, it’s easy to see that this group is onto something strong, powerful and moving.

Life In Cycles is dynamic enough to appeal to various emotions and moments in time; the tunes make you want to think, dance, or simply wander around aimlessly. On “Brickwork,” the cymbals crash as the keys start to blend in with boisterous guitars and a deep bass tone, keeping the listener on their toes. “Tuxford Fall” storms in and steals the spotlight on Life In Cycles. The fresh, post-rock with an indie pop twang cut starts closing out the release just as strongly as it started. The finale, “Punch-Reel,” is raw energy harnessed at its best. And as the cycle comes to a close, it’s clear that Vasudeva are here to stay. Life In Cycles is bright, real and a memorable release that demands to be listened to over and over again.

In A Word: Outstanding