Cinema, Cinema: Manic Children And The Slow Aggression

Manic Children And The Slow Aggression could not be a more fitting title for the new release by Cinema, Cinema. This is certainly one of those records that one must pay close attention to in order to capture all of its essence.

The first track, “UFO” is one that stands alone. It has a very quick tempo with busy drums and a stoner rock vibe to its riffs. The only way to truly understand Manic Children And The Slow Aggression would be to listen to it in its entirety. As the songs progress slowly into a more passionate feel, so do the vibes behind them.

The vocals coming from Cinema, Cinema are somewhat of a crossbreed. If Buzz Osborne of The Melvins crossed paths with Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys (which actually did happen for a record) and Chris Cornell added some light textures, then you basically have the singing of Cinema, Cinema. They aren’t amazing yet they aren’t terrible, which makes them listenable.

It seems that most of the talent in this band comes from behind the kit. Although the fills and beats are quick and difficult to keep up with, as a listener, they are still most definitely powerful and interesting. There is a certain mystique behind the music that leaves its audience in confusion. It’s very hard to classify what genre the band fits in, as well as its level of intrigue. Personally, I’ve listened to this record a few times now and I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I like it.

The punk-like alternative sounds from Cinema, Cinema are out there on a different realm when it comes to today’s music. For a band consisting of only two members, they seem to be doing alright in the area of exploration. Who knows what these gentlemen will produce next?

In A Word: Curious