Shawn Lee: Synthesizers In Space

Multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee released Synthesizers In Space on July 24. Having had a distinguished career thus far, Lee has turned out over 30 albums, and his work has been featured on television shows such as Malcolm In The Middle and Desperate Housewives. Synthesizers In Space maintains a psychedelic sound that is captivating and transports you back into another era.

On “Celestial Waltz,” the keyboard work is the most powerful asset. The melodies and style that Lee uses on the keyboard are much like that of The Doors’ Ray Manzarek, although it’s not too identical. Only two tracks feature vocals whereas the rest of the disc is entirely instrumental. “Head Up” features Lee’s vocals, and “Boogie Children (Saturn Day Night)” is a writing collaboration of Lee and Rob Gallagher. “Boogie Children (Saturn Day Night)” features guest vocalists Earl Zinger and Valerie Etienne. This track embodies a space-like sound and psychedelic styles, and the vocals break up the instrumental release very well. Lee can truly take any skeptic on all instrumental works and change their opinion. “Tiger Style” closes out the album with a bang. The upbeat percussion rhythms and tiger sounds make it a really fun track to end with.

Lee’s experimental electronic composition plunges your ears into tones and sounds that are unfamiliar yet satisfying to listen to. On the whole, Synthesizers In Space is all over the place where no tones or melodies become repetitive. Each track unveils a new surprise, which makes Lee’s work so intriguing. There’s no way this will be the last we’ll hear from him.

In A Word: Psychedelic