Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Cascadence & BoundAlive

Locals, I am wishing you a very happy Wednesday. We meet again! This is slowly but surely becoming my new favorite day of the week, don’t you agree? We are close to the weekend, far past Monday, and a new issue of The Aquarian Weekly is put on the shelves! What else could a girl ask for? Well, other than a date with Brandon Boyd and another Giants Super Bowl, of course. I will do my best to push you over that mid-week hump with some bands for your liking. I got a lot of good feedback that you guys were digging the feature on the female-fronted acts last week, so hopefully you will all get out and support those bands! Nothing like some beautiful ladies who can rock with the best! So, this week, I am focusing on the inspiration of live music. No, I am not reviewing shows, but I am spotlighting bands that have always and will continue to blow my mind at their gigs. There have been a ton of great bands throughout history that were never known to put on great shows. I guess it can depend on many things; the band, the venue, the crowd, the day of the week, the time, and countless other factors. But these local bands I am about to showcase do not need an appendix or guideline on different things that could make it go sour; for no matter what the circumstance may be, they bring it.

Now, it will be extremely surprising to me if you have not heard of my first band, Cascadence. Cascadence are a three-piece rock band from Freehold featuring Johnny, Dar, and Bryan, and they are no strangers to the local rock scene. In fact, they have been on my radar for quite some time. They molded back in 2008, and have been featured in The Aquarian a few times in the past. Having done everything from headlining local venues, playing with national acts, and going on tours, they are somewhat pros to this whole music thing. I just feel the need to revive them, for they are working on some new tunes and new projects. This band is one that any local act just starting out should mentor and look up to, as they have the look, the talent, and the attitude to make it to the top. Although they are still very young, they are veterans in their own right. They blend rock with pop perfectly, creating tunes that will not only make you hang your head and sing along, but also provide you with that perfect party soundtrack for any occasion. In other words, one minute you’re moshing around in the pit and raging all over the club, and the next you are slow dancing with your significant other. I honestly don’t know many bands like this that can change the mood of the scene in the blink of an eye. Lead singer Johnny is a tattooed, cut, wild man on stage, and he’s the full image of what a rock star is intended to look like. The bonus is this guy can really sing. Their live set it one that you cannot miss, for there are great solos, heavy riffs, and drumming that will make your heart pound harder than normal. Plain and simple, it is apparent in their performances that they want their sets to be more than a concert; they want it to be an event. Be sure to check their Facebook, Twitter, and all of their social media sites to keep up to date on what these guys are up to, for you do not want to miss out.

Another band that is known for their live set is a heavy metal group from Newark by the name of BoundAlive. I just have to start by saying these guys initially caught my attention for their hard work and support of the local scene. They are constantly updating their internet pages, their videos, and pump out new music on a regular basis. It’s extremely refreshing to see bands of one genre support others in another without hesitation. If you ask me, this is how it should be done; keep your current fans entertained, and let the new songs bring in new, fresh fans. Similar to Cascadence, these guys are also no spring chickens to the scene. They’ve been an active band since 2006, and after a few lineup changes, these guys are stronger than ever. They did it right; they got a band full of people who want to play the same kind of music. BoundAlive will make you want to headbang slowly, quickly, and jump around while flailing your arms. Their recordings are on par with their live set, and their songs are ferocious, raw, destructive, preposterous, and in a sick, twisted way, sometimes beautiful. The music progresses and grows, almost as if it was telling a story. I strongly suggest that you try to understand their lyrics and see just how passionate they really are. Their music is available for purchase on pretty much any internet outlet, and they are constantly playing shows, which is what they do best. While you’re at it, check your local venues to see if you can catch a show from BoundAlive, for you will never regret it.

So there you have it, two talented bands that are entirely different in every aspect, from sound, appearance, style, and more, but share the same passion; making music. They do it because they love it. It’s not for the money or the fame (although that may be a goal for the future); it’s something they need in their lives. They are both noteworthy on their recordings and live sets, so be sure to support them. With all of the genres supporting one another, it makes it a lot easier to discover, learn, and embrace new talent, one week at a time. It’s almost like an eternal playlist that I never have to get up and skip a song. I look forward to helping you open your eyes and ears to all of the talent that New Jersey has. Until we meet again next week, my dear friends and music lovers, cheers!