North Jersey Notes


Although these guys are not from North Jersey, they are from Philadelphia, with roots in South Jersey. I’m talking about a band called Oblivion Her Majesty. I happened to catch their song, the title track to their debut album, Hopeless Masterminds, on WMMR in Philadelphia’s local music segment and thought these guys were pretty fantastic! I listened to more of Hopeless Masterminds on Spotify and songs that stood out for me were “One Thousand Ships,” “Dark Matter,” “Oblivion Her Majesty,” and “OSMC.” Singer William Schmidt has a pretty good rock voice that could stand out among the others. 

Oblivion Her Majesty is an experimental rock band whose goal is to challenge the contemporary music formula through the influence of progressive rock and metal, electronic music, and the occasional ballad. Isn’t that every band’s goal? Bands like Linkin Park, Muse, Dream Theater, Tool,and various alt-rock acts have played a role in shaping the sound of Oblivion Her Majesty. Since forming five years ago, Oblivion Her Majesty have had a chance to share the stage with acts like Smile Empty Soul, The National Parks, and In The Presence of Wolves.

Oblivion Her Majesty released their debut album Hopeless Masterminds back in February, and they’re currently writing new music that they plan to release throughout 2020. Catch Oblivion Her Majesty playing at venues in Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey and Delaware in the coming year. For more info on Oblivion Her Majesty, visit 


My pal, Kate Ortiz, from the band Vextion, returned to the Bobcast Podcast hosted by her hubby and drummer Rob Williams. Kate discussed her new solo album, Feelings, Feelings, Feelings, which she will be releasing in 2020. Kate premiered her first single, “Trouble,” on the podcast and opened up about a lot of recent events including taking on a new career, completing a Spartan Race, and overcoming adversity. For more on Kate’s new solo record Feelings, Feelings, Feelings, visit…. My brothers from BoundAlive released a new lyric video a few weeks ago for their latest single, “Incision.” The song is pretty bad ass, featuring all that you would expect from BoundAlive—crunchy guitar riffs, thunderous bass and drums, and punch-in-the-gut vocals from singer Butch Patrick. “Incision” is currently available for download on…. And finally, my brothers Steve Brown, from Trixter, and Fred Gorhau, formerly from Arch Demon Choir, are currently on tour with The Wizards of Winter. If you’ve never seen the Wizards of Winter holiday show, you need to do yourself a favor and get tickets now! The Wizards of Winter was created by former members of TSO, and I look forward to it every holiday now after seeing it once. Now, that Steve-O and Fred-O are playing with them, I might have to see it again. For more info on Wizards of Winter, visit 

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