Alex Vans: DJ Booth

Alex Vans, a D.C. troubadour, has released a truly great album. DJ Booth is full of likeable songs. Whether it’s the rock ‘n’ roll guitar or the fluttering synthesizer, his music catches your attention. The first three are undeniably memorable. Your brain is forced to memorize these catchy tunes and your feet can’t resist tapping the ground beneath you. “Good Enough,” “Black Or White” and his downloadable track “Chase The Night” are songs to pay attention to.

If you’re not hooked by now, the slightly slower-paced “Faith” might grab you. With pure pop rock intentions and genuine feeling, listeners will be sucked in. “Saints” is the perfect folk jam you’ve been waiting for. It’s catchy, upbeat, and playful with the light tinkling of a xylophone. If that isn’t quite what you’re looking for, “Financial Crisis Blues” might work for you. The country rock tune has a subtle twang to it. It seems Vans can do it all.

“Rockstar Treatment” was a bit of a letdown. Every song on this record comes to life, except for this one. It feels a little too mainstream for Vans, considering how unique his songs are. The closing track, “Hide Away,” is a pure rock jam. The lyrics fall back, as the guitar takes the lead. There is a short musical break halfway through the six-minute track. Instruments such as a saxophone are a unique touch on this particular song. Once the sax is through, you think it’s over, but Vans comes back in with his soothing voice and lures you in yet again.

This is the kind of record that you want to buy a physical copy of. There’s just something about holding a great album in your hands and sometimes a digital copy doesn’t do it. DJ Booth is sure to be played over and over again, so you might as well just purchase it and keep it close. You’ll be needing it sooner than you think.

In A Word: Memorable