Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Zach Moyle & Jake Falana

Hello all of my local natives. I’ve noticed more and more of us NJ residents coming together in wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. So many bands are putting together benefits, collecting donations, and so much more. It’s great to see such a solid, strong community of people trying to rebuild through art and music. Please keep the momentum going as long as we can! This week I am sending out my positive vibes and focus on the power of an awesome frontman. Anyway, let us continue on the everlasting journey of Maria Mar’s Local Radar. It’s an honor to spotlight local talent week to week, and it helps me discover tons of new music I never was aware of until now. I am calling you out one by one, as best as I can! Last week I dabbled on some drummers, now I want to put some other band members in the spotlight. In the big scheme of music life, being the lead singer of a band is where all the glory is. However, being the frontman of a band also comes with a lot of duties. In order to be the leader, you’ll be the public face for the group, and may receive most of the audience’s attention. That’s to say nothing of the vocal work itself, which can be the difference between a band that sounds decent and a band that sounds boundless. I think you all can relate to what I am saying here in one aspect or another. Here and now, we are going to focus on some people that break the mold. You may have heard of some of these local rockers from their bands, or even just because you are their friend, but they are undeniably talented and making an impact on the scene.

First and foremost, let us focus on the lead singer of a local band called Lost In Society that goes by the name of Zach Moyle. I love this band, wholeheartedly, and I am a sucker for some good punk tunes. I have dabbled on the band as a whole in the past, but I want to focus on the vocals. Zach has that raspy, throat-grabbing tone that puts him at the top of his genre. Being nominated for Asbury Music Awards and touring the world on the Warped Tour, he is no stranger to the local music scene. In fact, most of the time when I have their CD in my car, people know who they are, which is an honor in itself. He crafts huge melodies and hooks that will usually keep you listening to their albums, especially their latest release, Let It Sail. His voice is on point both in recordings and live, which is extremely important. Sometimes you can hear someone sing on a track that is overdone and overproduced, and once you hear them hit the stage, you’re asking yourself where the frontman to the band went, and who this delusional imposter on stage is. I must say, Zach’s adolescent, rock star attitude is completely infectious, on and off stage. I think the recipe to Zach’s success is somewhat simple; he sings from his gut. First and foremost, punk is about raw feelings; anything else is a waste of time. No one will believe the punk singer who tweets on about concept or philosophy. He hits the stage, takes a breath, and lets it rip. Let’s be honest; Lost In Society required no formal vocal training, for they don’t sing opera after all. Zach relies on releasing everything externally, and it shows. He stands for the voice of the oppressed, and I love every minute of it. Next time you’re at a show, throw your lipstick and phone number at Zach Moyle.

Next, I want to focus on the lead singer of Kid Felix, a local rock band that I am sure you are familiar with. His name if Jake Falana, and he is the real deal. He’s been compared to King Of Leon’s Caleb Followill, as well as Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. Trust me, these are some of the most respectable compliments and comparisons any musician could receive, and it is not mimicked by any means. Jake’s vocals shine on their new EP, Young Luck, showcasing his implausible range and tone that catches your attention from the start and never lets it wander. I’ve heard this guy cover everything from Incubus to Muse and even Florence And The Machine, and he does it impeccably. His flair oozes some homage to many of the early roots of rock and blues in the style and execution of a great vocalist. It’s not just the voice that makes Jake a great frontman either; it’s the presence, the bravado, the confidence, and devil may care attitude about what he looks like, acts like, and even sounds like. He sets the bar for unpredictability. What he brings to the table is high energy, raw at times, and he can slowly turn very intimate with the slower songs. I’ve seen him get his pants tugged by security to get down from a 15-foot rafter on the streets of Asbury Park. I’ve seen him climb the stage at the PNC Bank Arts Center, and that’s the beauty of it; it’s rock ‘n’ roll. Jake is different, and is slowly but surely changing the game. I could compile a laundry list of reasons why almost every glam metal band of the ‘80s fell off the face of the earth. It’s not only because music itself changes, but more of the face that those frizzy haired dudes in the façade brought nothing innovative to the table. Be sure to check out Jake and his band, Kid Felix.

Zach and Jake are just two of the amazing, talented frontmen out there in the New Jersey local scene. They own the stage when they step on it, and nothing will ever change that. I am focusing on them so that the audience can see what attributes of these two they can connect with, time and time again. You may see something you don’t like, or you may fall in love; either way, I hopefully have got your attention about these talent singers and their bands. This is serious for effectively bringing in a crowd, creating memorable live shows, and growing your fanbase. It also means they work like dogs at all costs to keep their music out there and shoved in the scene’s face. Do yourself a favor and not only check out these guys, but the many frontmen out there who are doing their best to command their sound for your enjoyment. Until next week, my friends, grab a microphone, grab some friends, and start a band. Who knows, you could be the next one to be spotlighted on my radar.