Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Prehistoric Forest

Locals, we meet again. As I have previously stated, there are so many new and old bands on the scene making moves, playing shows, signing deals, and opening for national acts. Not going to lie, it really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This week, I am going to talk about a group that is fairly new on the scene, yet is making their mark very quickly. They are, however, doing it the right away. They aren’t pumping things down people’s throats all day, but they are playing a ton of shows. In order to become an established local act, you need to spread your wings a little and not only play your hometown bar; you need to get out there, town to town, and build new fans. It’s also important to broaden your horizons on acts that you choose to play shows with. Don’t always just play with your friends; ask other bands to join the bill, for they will bring new faces into the mix that may not have come to see you before. You may or may not have heard of this group, but either way, I hope you can find something in here that you like.

Prehistoric Forest reside in Toms River, NJ with members Nicky, Vince, Dustin, D.J. and Kevin. Their debut self-titled LP is available now on their Bandcamp page and socials. They’ve all known each other and worked on different projects, now coming together and combining various pieces of the puzzle. Playing various gigs all over the state, they are quickly gaining a buzz and momentum that most bands strive for after being established for at least a few years. They are coming in like rapid fire, dominating one outlet at a time.

Now, we all know I am about to go on a rampage as to why I love this band, for I don’t waste my time writing about things I don’t like. Here comes the truest proof on that statement that I can offer on their excellence: Prehistoric Forest, their self-titled CD, didn’t leave my computer speakers for almost two months after I was sent the link. I’ll be honest and say that I’d give it a quick play on a daily basis. Only as of late have I reached the point of this record where I infrequently break it into rotation; however, I still appreciate it completely whenever it does. I know people in the band and I know the kind of music they like, so I had to make it a point to set aside what their inspirations were listed as and try to focus on their originality. Believe it or not, I was able to listen to it with an unbiased ear, and took the music for what it really was: fresh, fun, and memorable.

I may have some trouble putting them into a genre, but don’t get it twisted: Music lovers of all types could get into this sound. For all of you people who say you aren’t into the “indie-esque” scene that we call music these days, chill out, ignore the hype, turn some tracks up, and sing along. One of my personal favorites is “Good Time,” for it’s a lighthearted, feel-good (no pun intended) song that can set the mood for the whole night if you’re blasting this disc at a party or a pregame. I also really like the track “Killer Bees.” It has a very different feel than other cuts on the album, which, in my opinion, could almost be a bonus track.

If you’re just starting off on this band, I would recommend “Your Move,” which can be found for free download. The lyrics are relatable to real-life situations, so take it as you will. You may look at them and put them in the “hipster/cool kid” category (and yeah, they are cool), but never judge a book by its cover. Take a listen, pull up a chair, grab a beer, and get out to one of their shows. As most of us in the local scene know, whether you’re in a band or not, or just support it through media outlets like myself, sometimes it’s hard for people—aka critics and haters—to grasp something special, even when it’s put right in front of their face.

Yes, there is a place in Irish Hills, Michigan, that exists with the name Prehistoric Forest, but don’t worry, I think we’re clear when it comes to them dedicating their band name to this place. I am immediately taken to a place with abandoned dinosaurs, but in a weird way, I can compare it to their music. Dinosaurs always fascinated me, for in terms of learning, listening, and finding all of the facts, that leads me to believe part of their species will never be extinct. Here, on this end, we have a sound of music, indie rock and good vibes that in my opinion, no matter who you have on the cover of all the magazines, will also never go away. Sure, this genre has its movements, but there is always something in me digging for clues and mysteries of when this sound will emerge and take over—take the tracks as “artifacts,” if you will. Prehistoric Forest are just like these species, for some say that good music is extinct, while day after day, I have been exposed to more and more acts pumping air into the lungs of the scene.

You can learn more about Prehistoric Forest on their Facebook page at Their self-titled debut album is also available now for purchase and download, so be sure to pick it up. I promise you it will be at the top of your playlist in no time. If I had to briefly sum them up for you, they are that band that will always be playing, whether it’s together or not, under the same name.

I will be back next week with another local band and/or act of your liking, and I hope to see you all out and about at some shows in the near future! Cheers!