Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Roseld & Useless

Locals, we meet again for our one-on-one chat. Wednesdays are definitely my favorite day of the week, for more reasons than one! I hope you are all sticking to your New Year’s resolutions and getting out to some shows. In fact, some of you even sent me messages letting me know that you have been trying, so kudos to you all! There have already been so many good things going on in 2013, and I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer. From bands releasing new records, lineup changes, new music videos being filmed and national acts looking for local openers, it’s all coming together beautifully!

So, I have something I need to confess to you all. I have been on a kick lately for some heavy bands; that loud, hard, harsh sounding music with a strong beat featuring lyrics involving violent and extreme imagery. Don’t be scared, I haven’t turned to the dark side, and I haven’t shaved my head or pierced my face (which is totally cool in my book). But listening to this style of music sometimes gives me a release, where I tend to get lost in the music. Some turn to junk food, some hit the gym—I grab my headphones. With the yearn for distorted guitars with lots of power chords, that occasional feedback, heavy drums and bass, powerful vocals and growls, the sporadic mosh, and an overall style that is loud, heavy, and somewhat brooding, I’ve found some bands on my radar that are satisfying my urge to the maximum. I’ve featured heavy bands in my Radar before, with specific instruments and even show reviews; this time, however, I’m simply trying to get your attention on two incredible bands. Roseld and Useless are completely different, yet both satisfy my urges for loud, hard music. You may have heard of these two bands before, but now is their time to shine, so please proceed.

Hailing from central New Jersey, I recently found out about Roseld at the Toothgrinder CD release party held at The Saint in Asbury Park, which was one of the best shows I had seen all year. They had a solid following, and I heard a great buzz about the group throughout the crowd. So many people were saying, “Dude, you have to see this band, they rule.” Sure enough, those dudes were right. They may have been the opening act, but there was nothing “pre-game” about them—they were a headliner. Simply put, Roseld are metal/hardcore at its finest. Just to digress for a moment, in my opinion, heavy metal is one of the greatest genres in the music industry. It talks about corrupt politicians, anger, aggravation, love, lust, violence and more in brilliant detail. It allows you to get out frustrations without harming anyone, which is always a plus. Anyway, back to Roseld! I didn’t get to catch the lead singer’s name and I don’t want to introduce him improperly, but he had not only myself, but the entire audience in the palm of his hand. It’s rare to find a frontman that can work a crowd to an extreme level. It’s not only his showmanship that is noteworthy, but it’s also his vocal strength and ability. Holding those steady growls for that lengthy time period while dodging around the stage doesn’t seem to be an easy task. However, he perfects it. I’ve been safely stalking Roseld’s social media, and saw that they posted about a new LP they’re working on, which I cannot wait to purchase. They even sent me a link to check out their stuff, which I found very personal and engaging, making me like them even more. They’re asking fans what they would like to hear on the new record, which is neat in that they can be pleased and get what they’re craving from Roseld. Do yourselves a favor and check out their latest tour dates, for this will be a band and a show that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Useless are by no means strangers to the local scene, for they were recently nominated for an Asbury Music Award, play shows all over the map, and have a solid, devoted fanbase. They are one of those heavy rock acts that are timeless, and almost any music lover will enjoy their set. I’ve featured them on my radio show, and it fit in the rock format of 95.9 The Rat just perfectly. Their songs feature great messages, along with a good rhythm to back it up. Getting people to come to a gig is not very hard, the more important thing is getting them to come back, and that is what they have perfected. While I’ve yet to see them live, it’s one of my main goals of 2013, as I always hear feedback that is positive. It’s easy to tell that they play for the love of music, as even their bio states, “We play loud, we play anywhere, we usually wind up playing for free.” In my opinion, that statement alone is rock and roll. They don’t care about the glitz and glam, the fame, or the money; they care about satisfying their fans and doing what they love, and that is true musicianship. They play shows constantly, so be sure to get out and support these guys, for they will support you. Check out their social media sites since they’re constantly updating them and answering fans!

So here are two more bands to get on your radar in Roseld and Useless. Although different in genre, they both get me bobbing my head and jumping out of my seat. They have the capability to make me listen on repeat, time and time again, without getting bored with their material, and that is somewhat rare these days. After all, music in its broadest definition is organized noise, and trust me, that can cover some pretty far-out sounds. If you never gave heavy music a try, please broaden your horizons and do so, for it may not be for you, but it sure is an awesome experience to say the least. I see big things in the future for both of these bands, and I wish them the most success possible. 2013 seems to be gearing up for big things for many bands, including these two, so make sure you all keep your eyes and ears peeled! Until next week, my friends, keep supporting local music, one band, venue, download, or Facebook like at a time!