Tim Chaisson: The Other Side

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumental performer Tim Chaisson is on the road, away from his native Canada, playing live in support of his current full-length, The Other Side. The artist’s acoustic approach includes bits of pop, folk, and even country characteristics. The 11-track album begins with the memorable number, “Beat This Heart,” a lovesick song with a catchy melody, gentle guitar strumming, and pining vocal elements. The cut bops along with the accompaniment of a female vocalist whose singing, along with Tim Chaisson, makes for a duet with tangible emotion. This musician keeps to a bare bones method, utilizing and highlighting basic vocals as well as clean instrumental playing.

The record’s title-track continues with the theme of romance and heartbreak that lives within this album. Our vocalist’s talent shines on this one, where his crooning takes center stage without becoming over the top, as it perfectly flatters the quick fiddle solo at the song’s apex that is played in the style of the artist’s Celtic influences. The sixth number, “Wherever You Are,” has a distinct country feel that alongside Tim Chaisson explores his vocal range. A light and simple guitar solo provides a smooth finish for the end of the song. The impression that this musician leaves is a gentle one whereas nearly every other piece on The Other Side could double as a grown listener’s lullaby.

“Speak Easier” is a laidback song that has a more rapid pace as it urges its listener to relax. With pop-oriented chords, this one breaks into a lovely fiddle harmony that makes the sonic imprint unique. Tim Chaisson’s music has an honest and real quality about it that is hard to come by in ambitious musicians today. The Other Side is melodically soothing and instrumentally pleasing all the way through.

In A Word: Idyllic