Spider Bags: Shake My Head

Shake My Head is the title of the third full-length album to come from the masterminds in the group, Spider Bags. Opening this record with a sound that comes on strong, “Keys To The City” is a fast, upbeat ride of a song with an old school punk vibe to its speed. Vocalist Dan McGee has a unique sonic imprint with a style that has poised the artist to do anything but disappoint on this 10-track work. The non-stop speed to their instruments, mainly the guitar parts, are a key attribute on Shake My Head, as most of their songs are under four minutes. “Friday Night” takes on a more classic punk sound with a lot of classic rock influence. In other words, the cut shares much common ground with a Ramones ballad.

On the fifth track, “I’ll Go Crazy,” a repetitive bassline flows underneath a complex but sonically pleasing riff that climbs up and down scales. The lyrics describe the drastic measures an obsessed lover would go to with the music growing more frantic as the number progresses, ending on that same riff as the intro. “Quatzacoatl Love Song” is a very laid back, stripped down piece, with instruments fading in and out of the background under humorous lyrics.

An instrumental cut, “Shawn Quipps Boogie” breaks up the speed and monotony for a moment, with a catchy rock-oriented riff that bops along, pleasing the ears. This band comes off as a grittier, more interesting version of Kings Of Leon. “Daymare,” one of the final numbers on Shake My Head, is a bare bones blues song with a down-home feel all the while remaining very much a Spider Bags track. This band maintains an entirely original blend of punk-inspired rock and Southern blues that rock as well. Shake My Head is a surprise at each turn that does not disappoint.

In A Word: Unparalleled