The March Divide’s debut album, Music For Film, is a pop rock kicker set to come out in February. The project was started by Jared Putnam, formerly of The Conversation, and has continued to grow with help of Mike Hernandez, Jorge Ramirez, and Laura Wheeler, who all provide their musical and vocal talents on the record. As the disc begins, it’s hard not to get sucked into the crisp acoustic styling meshed together with giddy percussion that makes up “Still Analog.” The morose yet uplifting “Davey” shows that The March Divide can take a grave subject and twist it into something positive. The elegant vocals of Wheeler show that the band has a deeper side, as the jaded “Pick Me Up” makes its way into the halfway point of the album. As Wheeler and Putnam’s voices intertwine during the emotive downer, it’s hard to deny that both parties have been gifted with a serious set of pipes.

Dreamy strings lead into the second half of the release with “I Don’t Remember Why.” Putnam’s voice takes a more soothing tone over the energetic one that was prevalent in the first half of the disc. Despite Putnam and Wheeler’s seamless harmonies in “Pick Me Up,” the duo falls short in the other ballad on Music For Film, “Done Waiting.” At this point on the record, their voices are dull, dying and croaking, which makes for a less than favorable number. Even with the setback, The March Divide bring their debut CD to a close with a bang.

All in all, Music For Film starts off 2013 with catchy indie pop crafted to lift spirits throughout the cold and dark winter months.

In A Word: Vivacious

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