Singer-songwriter Susan Collins is bringing her four-voice/piano production of her auto-biographical You Can Take The Girl Outta Brooklyn (But You Can’t Take Brooklyn Outta The Girl) to The Cutting Room on March 8. What a life! Singing doo-wop on the street at 12…on stage with Jimi Hendrix in Greenwich Village at 15…flying into Woodstock in 1969 in a helicopter with Richie Havens…backing vocals on Todd Rundgren’s biggest hit, “Hello It’s Me,” ELO’s “Evil Woman” and “Strange Magic,” Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove”…working with John Lennon and Brian Wilson…getting burned by a big-time music biz titan because she wouldn’t give him her body and soul…and making the famous gaffe of “Hello Cleveland!” to a sold-out Philadelphia crowd that Rob Reiner used in This Is Spinal Tap. It’s all her. And she recounts these stories and more in this one-hour must-see event.

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