Catch These Hometown Heroes Live

by Debra Kate Schafer

This South Jersey band’s modern rendition of the emo-pop genre is truly something to behold. Shoobies are a successful five-piece collective that began as a duo just wanting to escape small town boredom. In three short years, they became the hardest working DIY band in the area, growing themselves, their sound, and their fanbase from those at their first show–A Battle of the Bands competition at The Stone Pony–to approximately 60,000 monthly Spotify listeners from across the globe. Their distinctive approach to synth pop in 2020 mixed in with their adoration for bands like The Cure and The Smiths has curated a darker, eclectic, slick, goth-pop sound that revels in their black and white visuals and heartbreak based lyrics. Celebrate all that is music from Shoobies at their debut album release show at House of Independents March 13. 

The Experience That Is Neil Zaza

by Debra Kate Schafer

Neil Zaza is a world renowned, melodic, instrumental guitarist. No exaggeration: this man is a beloved global phenomenon and is looked at as a “worldwide ambassador” for the instrument and what it can do. He creates intricately crafted rock ‘n’ roll that is technically sound, uniquely written, and ridiculously memorable. Nobody can do what he can with his instrument and his talent. It has made for multiple fan-favorite albums, international touring, room for new inspiration, and creative growth. Ohio-born and raised, Zaza has a strong connection to the East Coast, meaning that his show at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch on March 14 is sure to be filled to the brim with instrumental rock fans coming in from near and far. For tickets, head over to

Jorge Drexler Is More Than A Singer

by Debra Kate Schafer

When you say that a singer is multi-talented, you assume they can play an instrument or two, possibly even write a couple of hit songs. What about being a surgeon? Specifically a head and neck surgeon? Well, Uruguayan-born Jorge Drexler checks all of those boxes and more. The Latin pop singer-songwriter is talented in many ways and has been since the start of his career in the mid-nineties, which is exactly why it was so well-deserved that he was the first Uruguayan performer to win an Academy Award for composing the lead song from The Motorcycle Diaries. Drexler is beloved all across the globe and his music is upbeat and resonating, whether or not you speak his language. Experience it for yourself at the Town Hall on Mar. 15. Visit for tickets.

Tower Of Power At The Tower

by Mike Greenblatt

It’s fitting that one of America’s great horn sections, Tower Of Power, will play the Tower Theatre in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania on March 21. This Oakland, California soul machine has been around since the sixties. There was a time when almost every major act yearned to have these horns pumping away behind them. The list of major artists they’ve collaborated with is staggering Otis Redding, Aaron Neville, Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, Huey Lewis, Little Feat, Heart, and Santana are but a few. They’ve put out great music on their own, too. They’re loud, brassy, in-your-face, and it is scientifically impossible to sit still when they’re on a stage.

Nanga In The Gap

by Mike Greenblatt

The Nanga Jazz World Trio—bassist Christopher Dean Sullivan, pianist Patrick Poladian, and drummer Vernon J. Mobley—will perform March 27 at The Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. Bassist Sullivan has shared stages with Freddie Hubbard, Christian McBride, Stanley Jordan, Joe Lovano, and Sonny Fortune. Influenced by Slam Stewart and Ray Brown, whether he’s on a bow or plucking away, he’s like a geyser erupting molten lava from the Earth’s core. The venue itself, adjacent to the Appalachian Trail within a picturesque national park, is a wonder to behold.  

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