Crushed Out: Want To Give

Frank Hoier first created Boom Chick with drummer Moselle Spiller in 2009, and in 2011, changed their name to Crushed Out. A few jam sessions in Brooklyn helped the duo create 10 solid songs that would later become Want To Give. This album introduces the band’s distinct take on different elements of blues and rockabilly music. The title-track consists of a twangy guitar riff and a ride/snare drumbeat. Spiller holds the rhythm with the drums as Hoier uses riffs to lead his vocals. The fast tempo style heard in this song is also present on “Push Down & Twist.” Distorted guitar is used throughout “Temper Tantrum,” with Hoier alternating between distortion and muting. This effect can also be seen on “Shake Can Well,” along with the use of a guitar slide. The duo work quite well together with Spiller’s ability to lay down a rhythm that Hoier can play over. They both sing on the album, as highlighted on tracks like “Weigh You Down” and “Sharkbite.” The latter song involving fast riffs and chunky chords.

Spiller has more of a vocal part in the final track, the acoustic “Country Star.” There are very few slower paced songs on the album. “Black And Purple” is one of them, though it does speed up during the chorus. The tune is about Hoier’s mother listening to Black Sabbath when she was younger. “Miss Mouse” contains a lot of “oohs” in the background, as Hoier strums chords and Spiller hits the ride/snare beat. The longest song on the album is the five-minute “Firelight.” With tempo changes, both the drums and guitar switch between upbeat parts and slower paced ones. This disc shows the duo’s passion in rock ‘n’ roll, and provides a modern twist to their influences in blues and rockabilly.

In A Word: Solid