Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Mildly Medicated & Science

Locals, we meet again. It’s time to chat about some hot local artists from New Jersey that are on my radar! I am pleased to say that I have some bands to feature that are somewhat new to me, for I have just become introduced to them. It still blows my mind, week after week, how many groups there are in the local scene that I am still unaware of. For those curious about what’s out there in music, let me attempt to educate you on the up-and-coming musical careers of Mildly Medicated and Science. I must admit that both of the bands’ names had me at hello, don’t you agree? I wonder where they come from; so many acts have such simple, meaningless names that I often wonder if I look into it too deeply. And by meaningless, I mean they literally mean nothing. Then at other times, there is an intense story behind the band name, and how they chose it. Anyway, these are two completely different groups, with two completely different sounds, styles, and appeal. However, they both rock, and deserve to be in the spotlight.

I first met Mildly Medicated a few months back at The Saint in Asbury Park at a Graviteer concert, and we got back in touch recently. In fact, a mutual friend of ours and local photographer, Jeff Crespi, made sure to introduce us, and I am glad he did. They are a progressive rock outfit from Marlboro with a great image, cool sound, and strong passion for music. (I must say, Marlboro has been pumping out some great talent as of late—there must be something in the water out there.) My first impression was that they are very young, like many bands in the scene, with many years to grow. But don’t let this fool you, my friends. This is just some fantastic rock music with stellar hooks in almost every song and some amazing musicianship all around. Hopefully they’ll continue to mature and widen their fanbase as they progress. They have a robust female vocalist whose presence cannot be ignored with sing-a-long choruses and good mainstream sensibilities.

I have come to find that this group is completely irresistible. Just starting out? Certainly. Emo rock? Maybe, if that’s even a genre. Infectious? You bet! Basically, I’m here to tell you that age or brand isn’t a measure of value. Just because you are younger than some acts in the game doesn’t mean you lack heaps of talent and spans of liveliness. They exuberate a confidence that is indescribable; even by looking at their pictures, you can tell they have the brashness, the look, and that “I don’t give a crap what you think” attitude. “What I Deserve” is a great track to start with if you are new to Mildly Medicated, for it will set the tone for their style and sound. “On Second Thought” will follow that right up, as it’s an anthemic track that will get you off your feet singing along. All of the members are completely intact, really filling as a whole. They’ve been busy the past couple of months busting their butts promoting themselves in The Break Contest for Skate And Surf, so be sure to check their page for some new shows, music, and more in the near future! I am very excited to be playing their music on my show in the near future, and I feel that they will fit right in on The Rat rock format, giving fans a taste of some new ingredients that they have been waiting for. Just like medication, they will make you feel good when you need it most. Check them out now.

Next, I want to embark on a band that also goes by the name of one of my least favorite subjects in school, Science. However, this Science completely holds my interest. Some Jersey Rock listeners recently brought them to my attention, and I have not look backed since. I admit that I jumped on the Science wagon a little late, but I’m glad I climbed aboard. They consider themselves an “indie dance punk rock” band from New Jersey with five members. Their CD, Don’t Panic, has been playing on my computer for a solid two weeks. If you are just checking them out, I highly suggest you start out with “Less Is More” and “All Talk No Action.” Then, of course, proceed to all of the rest of their material. I honestly really appreciate albums without filler. Don’t Panic is just that, strong all the way through. Each song has its own melody and format, and they all are able to take the listener’s attention with great comfort. Their distinct sound is aerated and fuels nevertheless of the volume at which they are heard. Many may shelve their configurations as being simply “memorable,” but I think this is unfitting. As abnormal as this may sound, there is a dim intricacy to their style and tone, for it’s almost as if they are so suave it’s actually misleading. However, don’t let this turn you off, for it’s complimentary in every way. Science maintain, and maintain it well, the illusion of simplicity and effortlessness while executing their tracks handsomely. Check them out and pick up their CD. I am very excited to see this band live at some point, as I will certainly make it a priority.

So there you have it, folks; two hip, talented bands that are on my radar this week. Hopefully you find something that you like about each of these groups, and if their recordings don’t convince you, get out to their shows and find out for yourselves! Thanks to everyone who brought these bands to my attention, for I will be a career-long fan. The weather is getting warm, the talent is getting better, and more local shows are being booked. Many of my out-of-state friends always say they are envious of the fact that we have such an active local market, with so much talent and backing. Let us keep living up to that standard, one day and show at a time. Get out there, support the music, and get involved. Until next week, my friends, rock and roll.