Swingin’ Utters: Poorly Formed

Poorly Formed is a fast-moving punk rock record with a subtle hit of twang. With each song roughly one to two minutes each, high energy is squeezed into every note. Some Southern country influence can be clearly heard in “A Little Bit Country,” which echo’s, “I’m a little bit country/And a little bit of an asshole,” over the banjo, mandolin and some Southern style riffs. Poorly Formed packs a similar one-two punch as their previous 2011 release, Here, Under Protest, with quick-witted lyrics and raw vocals. At a whopping two minutes and 55 seconds, “Brains” proves to be the catchiest tune off of the full-length, repeating, “If you wanna know a secret no closer, I’ll tell you/Make one wish for brains,” assimilating into pop punk territory.

My only critique is that I wish the songs would be a bit longer. However, there’s nothing more punk than a quick, aggressive track that instantly demands energy. Meanwhile, a softer tune off of the album would have to be “Greener Grass,” incorporating gentler violin notes during the initial build up and closing breakdown. What I admire most about Poorly Formed is that it captures the upbeat rhythmic of punk while incorporating other country style influences. It’s also a fun record that doesn’t take itself too seriously, singing in “Military Barbara Billingsley,” “I think I’m gay for Louis C.K./And Ricky Gervais,” followed by flamboyant clapping. Fans of bands like Social Distortion and Old Man Markley will appreciate Poorly Formed. This is definitely a record with plenty of attitude and style that leaves a hunger to be heard live.

In A Word: Energetic