Upset: She’s Gone

Fronted by Ali Koehler, the three-piece female rock trio Upset debuted with their power-punk release, She’s Gone. Opening up with the minute and a half track “Back To School,” She’s Gone reaches out to fans of the original simplistic punk-driven melodies. With 12 songs in 30 minutes, the cuts are quick, repetitive, catchy and instrumentally straightforward. Primarily known for her time in Best Coast, Koehler left the band in 2011 and teamed up with former Hole drummer Patty Schemel and La Sera guitarist Jenn Price to create Upset. Influences of Best Coast’s surf-style rock, Hole’s aggressive punk and La Sera’s alternative indie vibe blend together to make their debut, She’s Gone.

Produced by Kyle Gilbride, there are plenty of bright and upbeat tones to the record that also give She’s Gone some clean qualities of pop. One of the tracks that I couldn’t shake from my skull was “Never Wanna,” which repeats the same line over and over until it’s engrained into your memory and you’re instinctively bopping along. While at times I wished there were more instrumental variety, it was also refreshing to hear an album that was void of bells and whistles and got straight down to the raw essentials. Songs like “Game Over” and “Let It Go” are simple yet provide an in-your-face punch with unapologetic lyrics over steady guitar riffs. Overall, She’s Gone is a solid introduction for Upset and establishes their style as a talented punk-driven ensemble worth checking out.

In A Word: Fun