Shoreworld: Recovery Along The River – June 1; Linda Chorney Comes To Watermark – June 5

Nicole Atkins And Steve Forbert To Headline “Recovery Along The River,” A New Beginning In Neptune Township – June 1

It’s hard to believe that Hurricane Sandy happened seven months ago. For most in New Jersey, it’s an ongoing tragedy that keeps it much closer to the surface of things from our past. And part of the reminder is the people that aren’t getting what they need to get back to the life they once had. Federal reaction is always in arrears, insurance is deep in a game of Three-Card Monte, and the sea of new terminology and regulations could hold a fleet of the Titanic’s. But the fact is, people push on, lending a hand every way they can until we’re all back in action.

As I always say, New Jersey musicians are the finest volunteer squads in the world. Bailing from steady gigs, they readily lend their talents for helping victimized neighbors gain peace and dignity.

The latest event in the fight against Mother Nature’s aftermath is called “Recovery Along The River.” The event will be held at noon on Saturday, June 1, at Riverside Park, located on South Riverside Drive at the Shark River Hills Marina in Neptune.

Two national performers will be featured at this multi-sponsored show including Nicole Atkins and Steve Forbert. Both Atkins and Forbert have been working on new or upcoming releases, and each has been praised for their specific musical viewpoints both locally and nationally. Forbert’s 2012 release, I’m So Over You, made Yahoo!’s “Best New Platters Of The Second Half Of 2012.” He’s been touring nonstop into 2013 and even made his first SXSW appearance back in March. Atkins is also brewing brand new tunes, and as of this writing is deep in seclusion putting the finishing touches on a disc tentatively scheduled for release around Christmas or New Year’s.

Other musical volunteers include the Shark River Hillbillies with Pete Schulle, my dear friend Marc Muller, Ricky DeSarno, Harry Filkin, Ronnie Mailloux, Amy Broza, Frank D’Agostino, Joel Krauss, the six-stringed dexterity of P.K. Lavenwood and Mike Doughty, as well as local favorites Joe Riccardello, The Lone Ramblers, The Glycerine Queens and Lemon Juice.

With talent such as those mentioned above, this event promises to raise much-needed funds for victims in the Shark River Hills Neptune area that was in Hurricane Sandy’s unconscionable path. I would also like to mention the other worthy organizations that have made this show possible including the Shark River Hills First Aid Squad, the Shark River Hills Fire Company, The SRHFC Ladies Auxiliary, the SRH Property Owners Association and an unnamed host of community volunteers. All of your help is appreciated with this event.

100 percent of event proceeds go to the Recovery Along The River Fund, and all are welcome. A donation of $25 is required for those 13 years or older, with kids in the 6-12 range costing $10 each. If you’re 21 and over, you’ll be able to receive a bracelet making you eligible for limited beer and wine provided in the beer garden. That’s most likely where you’ll be able to find me.

Local vendors will provide food and promotional items such as t-shirts, mugs, hats and the like. Raffle tickets for their 50/50 will also be sold on the day of the event. This is rain or shine, so come prepared for either. Nothing is worse than being at an outdoor event and getting burnt to a crisp or soaked to the bone. Be smart, pack accordingly.

To get tickets for this weekend’s event, please reach out to the following outlets:; KC Dempsey –; Terri Garifine –; Kathy Bascom –; Sharon Rowe –

And for anything else, go to the town website at and check out their events page. You can also contact them on Facebook at River Concert 2013 as well as


Who The F**k Is Linda Chorney? The Twisted Cinderella Tale Through The Grammy Looking Glass – Watermark – June 5

Part book signing, part performance event, Linda Chorney never does anything quietly or half-baked. As a musician, she’s released more than six albums, toured countless destinations both nationally and internationally, and had what she thought was the envious position of being the only artist ever to be nominated for a Grammy Award without the aid of a major label, manager or PR firm.

Linda will be appearing at Watermark on Wednesday, June 5, to answer questions, play songs from her stellar CD, Emotional Jukebox, and tell us all about her roller coaster journey through the Grammys and beyond.

Linda will go through excerpts of her brand new book, Who The F**k Is Linda Chorney?, explaining the inspiration that led to her painting this intricate portrait of political and psychological upheaval in the entertainment industry.

But this is far from just a deadlocked battle with armchair experts, and Linda waxes on everything from failed marriages to the elation of getting signed if only for a brief second to a major label deal. The sacrifices that go into being a musician take their toll and Linda is honest and forthcoming when describing her life in the book. A self-professed comedian, Chorney paints her pictures with as much lighthearted humor as she can, giving the reader time to ponder and snort as they read her “corny Chorney” one-liners.

But at the end of the day, this is a fantastic story of a musician who zigzagged through the stuffy guidelines of an industry more concerned with slapping each other on the back than being concerned with allowing decent music to see the light of day.

It’s an honest look at a musician who slipped past the gatekeepers and made her voice known. It’s the personal telling of a story that resulted in her nomination being undermined and her career targeted for obliteration. She received death threats and bullying from fat cats who couldn’t understand how this little New Jersey musician grabbed the ball and dodged through their legs. And instead of rallying behind her, the industry figured out how to change the rules and block future hopefuls from joining the nominee list.

Like any inside look into powerful business, there are distasteful accounts of poor judgment and downright horrific reaction to something that should have been celebrated. Linda Chorney selflessly tells the reader that at 51, she might be past her musical prime. After six albums (and three cassettes) she’s doggedly kept at her dream without so much as a solid deal on the horizon. This makes the story even more compelling. The fact that someone could punch through the gilded boys club and cause such a stir is no different from the story of David and Goliath, and Chorney obviously clocked the giant in the head with her rock and roll swing.

Who The F**k Is Linda Chorney?: A Cinderella Story Where Some Tried To Poop In My Glass Slipper will take place at Watermark on the boardwalk in Asbury Park on June 5 at 7 p.m. Admission is free when you purchase the book ($20 and available at the door) and admission is $10 without the book. If you already own her new book, present it at the door to get in free and have it signed.

For more information on this event and additional tour dates, please go to