Adrenaline Mob: Coverta

Adrenaline Mob is the latest project and supergroup formed by Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy, with Symphony X’s Russell Allen on vocals. Following their debut album, Omerta, the band released Coverta in March. The LP consists of eight covers of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Heart, Ronnie James Dio, and Van Halen. “High Wire,” originally done by Badlands, is the first song on the album. Guitarist Mike Orlando does a great job recreating the riffs by Jake E. Lee. This is a very energetic and upbeat tune with Allen’s strong vocals standing out. “Stand Up And Shout,” “Kill The King” and “The Mob Rules” are all songs that pay respect to Dio through a cover of his solo work and with Rainbow and Black Sabbath. These three tracks once again highlight Allen’s ability to sing over heavy riffs and Portnoy’s drums.

Portnoy and the rest of the band do an incredible job reworking these cuts and making them a bit of their own. The best example of this would be their take on “Break On Through” by The Doors. What used to open the song with cymbals and snare is now done on the toms and snare. The guitar is heavier than the original and comes across as more modern. “The Lemon Song” is Adrenaline Mob’s take on the Led Zeppelin classic. From the use of double bass pedal to the way the opening riff was altered, the band makes it an original number all while still paying tribute.

Each and every track on the record displays the group’s instrumental talent with Allen’s vocals laying on top. Whether you are a follower of Portnoy, a metal fan or simply enjoy these classic tracks, this album is a great one to listen to.

In A Word: Exemplary