Conditions: Full Of War

Conditions are a four-piece rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Their sophomore release, Full Of War, is one that advances the group musically. There is a camaraderie that adds to the band’s level of musicianship. Songs like “Wonderful Lie” and “What We Wait For” have a great interplay between the guitars and vocals. As vocalist Brandon Roundtree sings the lyrics, Alex Howard plays a few notes by picking his guitar. “Long Division” features rhythmic chords in the background along with the bass, as the lead guitar covers the high-end sound and sticks out in the foreground. A wall of sound is forged through the exchange between the instruments, and it can be heard on “Skeleton” and “Love Elusive.” Roundtree’s soaring vocals lay on top of this wall to create upbeat and powerful choruses.

Roundtree’s vocals continue to be the highlight on songs like “Open Eyes” and “Everyday Is A New Life.” Ryan Tinsley’s drum work on “Best Mistake” is one of the best moments on the album. He is able to add fantastic fills in between the fast cymbal beats and the catchy tom/snare hits that maintain the rhythm. Their ability to play and alternate between various tempos is another plus on the record. Corey Thomas’ bass provides an upbeat pace to “Not Giving Up…Not Yet” that requires the band to keep up. Toward the middle of “Walking Separate Ways,” there is a brief moment that interrupts the fast-paced music and acts as “the calm before the storm,” as the track closes with its original speed. This camaraderie enhances the band’s ability to change the tempos of their music and experiment with different exchanges between the instruments.

In A Word: Ambitious