Eddie Spaghetti: The Value Of Nothing

It’s not easy for a member of a band to try and go solo; it’s even harder to go solo and actually be successful. That’s exactly what Eddie Spaghetti, a member of the Supersuckers rock band, has tried to do with his past three album releases. As the lead vocalist and bassist for Supersuckers, Spaghetti clearly has the talent to take on a solo role in country rock; the question is whether he’ll sound as good by himself as he does with his band.

The Value Of Nothing is an amusingly sarcastic discussion of a variety of topics important to Eddie Spaghetti; all of the songs were written by Spaghetti himself, and reflect his quirky personality and desire to charm others. The opening number “The Value Of Nothing” offers a good indication of the kind of music Spaghetti plays. The tempo of the song starts off slowly, before accelerating rapidly with the introduction of his furious guitar solo. Everything in the world has a price, a certain worth, Eddie Spaghetti claims, but no one knows the value of nothing. Very true.

The accordion-filled “People Are Shit” is my personal favorite, not just for its blunt, upfront title, but for its relatability and down-to-earth tone. “We’re impulsive, impractical, unhinged and slightly deranged”—a simple line that in and of itself summarizes human existence. It’s tough to really pinpoint the main message of “If Anyone’s Got The Balls,” but what can be known for sure is that the song can easily put a smile on your face.

The Value Of Nothing will be in stores June 18, and judging on what I’ve heard so far, the reception to the album should be nothing but positive. Spaghetti’s humor, coupled with his perfectly frank and honest style, confirms his ability to perform as a solo artist, and the ideal balance of country and rock ensures that the record should be accessible to fans of a variety of genres.

In A Word: Humorous