Maria Mar’s Local Radar: In Our Glory

Greetings, locals. It’s about that time to talk about some musicians who have gotten my attention that you need to get to know. I took the advice of a certain someone I know to check out a band, and I am so glad I did. This group I am focusing on this week goes by the name of In Our Glory, and they are young, fresh, and definitely on their way to success. Having shared the stage with bands such as Anberlin and Secondhand Serenade, they’ve hit highs that many bands don’t reach until late in their careers. With new music under their belt, a steady growing fanbase and a nice tour lineup for this summer, I think it’s safe to say In Our Glory are already on many radars. I can’t wait until the rest of the world catches on.

In Our Glory are an alternative piece from Union, New Jersey. They’ve been around for a few years, though they just recently were brought to my attention. Compacted with four powerhouse musicians, they have a blend of genres within their recipe, pulling influences from many different styles. One minute they are ambient, and the next they are heavy. Intrigued? Understandable. They recently released their debut EP, Encounters, which is what really got my fan juices flowing. This CD shows their potential as a band, with a great opening start for their ongoing work. They are young and definitely have a long career ahead of them, and I see them becoming very popular. Today’s youth will surely latch onto this act, but it is still very much a mature one. Their songs have profundity along with a commercial pulsation, essentially creating tunes that are catchy and passionate. However, it seems to be implied by some of their lyrics that they really want us to read into them, and I love when bands do this. It gives each individual fan the chance to relate to a song in any situation that they may be going through, good or bad, in their own inimitable way.

As I’ve admitted in the past, I’m a sucker for strapping female singers with a die-hard passion for infused rock. I guess you could call me the voice lady (well, it’s better than the cat lady). I love or hate voices, and in this case, I worship Gina, as she sells the songs. I always have trouble understanding how someone so young can put so much into his or her voice. I know it’s not the same genre, but I had my first experience with Christina Aguilera, who was this powerhouse coming out of this small body at such a young age, and I was intrigued ever since. Anyhow, I don’t want to digress. Basically, if I had absolutely no idea who was singing, I would never guess that the person behind this soulful sentiment filled this voice at her age. I’m not saying she could break glass like Mariah Carey, but she just gets it right, and you feel what she feels as she is singing. She’s very talented, and proves on this release that she can deliver with the heavy-hitters. You may disagree, but it’s almost rare today to hear a female lead singer that doesn’t sound like it’s 60 percent electronics making her voice sound like it does. Gina’s vocals are crystal clear and in absolute control. Sure, there are a few powerhouses that truly have talent like Lzzy Hale and Kate Vextion, however, I think you all know what I am referring to. I feel that over time she will have one of those signature voices that can be detected in any song by even a person who isn’t the biggest fan. The band complements it well, and the mix is a perfect blend. They all fit together like a puzzle, and this is very important for the delivery of their songs.

In Our Glory have modest things in their riffs and rhythms that you don’t hear every day. They are subtle, and maybe I have trained my ear to hear them since starting to review music, but they have an extraordinary ability to add energy and edge to their songs. I especially love the drumming, for it’s heavy and solid. Plus, I can only imagine what their live set will do to back up my opinions. Some personal favorites are “Time Traveler” and “The Beginning,” though there isn’t one song that I dislike. Each track has its own feel and distinctiveness with changes in the tempo. Amongst chatter from other bands, I saw a lot of people are comparing them to Paramore, but I do not believe that the two bands have any relation at all other than the fact their lead singer is a chick. In Our Glory are a lot darker and mystifying in my opinion. However, on the contrary, Paramore fans would probably dig their style. From what I have heard so far, they release a fantastic balance of familiar and fresh sounds blended into something new. You could say it carries a somewhat strong poppier sense, but it never sounds bubble-gummy. It just shows that you never know where the good stuff is going to come from! Sign me up, I’m in!

If you’re looking for a band in it for the passion and love of music, then In Our Glory are a perfect match for you. When given a chance, check out their fan sites and socials, for they are constantly on the up-and-up trying to gain new fans. They deserve your respect, as they’re busting their tails to make their dreams come true. Catch them on the road this summer, for I know I am going to. They recently announced dates in many different states as well. It’s good to see the band evolving and I hope to see much more from them in the future. Who knows, maybe the Local Radar will be the place where you discovered them first! I will be back next week with some more local music of your liking, and if you know of any bands that I simply must have on my radar, please don’t hesitate to let me know! In the meantime, I will continue my quest to jam out to as many local acts as humanly possible! I have this crazy feeling that the talent pool will never run dry around here. Carry on!