Sacred Mother Tongue: Out Of The Darkness

Sacred Mother Tongue are a London-based hard rock/metal band that has just released their sophomore album, Out Of The Darkness. Singer Darrin South has a melodic yet punk style of singing reminiscent of Nick Red from Stockholm outfit Blowsight.

Album opener “Demons” has a tempo that gradually increases in intensity, setting the stage for a mercurial collection of recordings. “Seven” has a steady chugging guitar sound with the drums in the background giving the vocals a very haunting impression on the listener. “Pawn” samples quotes quite heavily from the 1976 film Network, such as, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” to pump up the sound. “Bleeding Out” has a doomy beginning with slowly strummed guitar chords, and moves forward into a moderate paced tempo. The guitar solos here are intricate and contain some of the brightest moments on the album. “Just A Ride” has a circling feel to it. The longer you listen in, the more you feel you must hear the end of it.

Songs like “Pawn,” “The City Is Crying” and “Just A Ride” have a harrowing and relentless feeling. To balance that out, tracks like “Believe” and Evolve/Become” have an ethereal and hypnotizing aura surrounding them. Key tracks to listen to are “Demons,” “The City Is Crying,” “Bleeding Out” and “Just A Ride.” “Out Of The Darkness” should appeal to fans of hard rock acts such as Crashdiet, The Last Vegas, Blowsight, and Hardcore Superstar. It is a heavy-hitting rock album but also has a lot of shades of dark gothic overtones in it to even make sway with King Diamond and Type O Negative fans.

In A Word: Tense