Black Water Rising: Pissed And Driven

If you love your rock driven by guitar riffs, then you will love Black Water Rising’s sophomore effort, Pissed And Driven. These are the guys who brought you the internet hit turned mainstream song “Brother Go On.” With the addition of new guitarist Dennis Kimak, Black Water Rising are more riff-tastic than ever, and songs like the title-track, leadoff single “Show No Mercy,” “Last Man Standing” and “Fire It Up” are all evident of the riffage.

I’ve always been a fan of singer/guitarist Rob Traynor’s songwriting, and I have to admit that he really outdid himself on these new songs. If you listen to the lyrics of “Dance With The Devil,” “Broken Man” and “Along For The Ride,” Rob is quite a storyteller. The production value on these tunes is pretty impressive too! The effect on the verses on “All Gone” was very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. Rob’s voice also rules on this album! I can’t leave out one of my favorite rhythm sections in drummer Mike Meselsohn and bassist Oddie McLaughlin. Mikey’s beats with Oddie’s basslines really complement the riff attack on these tunes. In fact, it sounds like Oddie’s actually playing more than I’m used to hearing him play.

The bottom line on Black Water Rising and their new CD, Pissed And Driven, is that they weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. Did they step up their game? Hell yeah they did! Their songs actually have solos now! Thank you, Dennis Kimak! All in all, this is a well-rounded album with great melodies and as always, amazing guitar riffs! This is a must-have for those long car rides!

In A Word: Wow!