Anvil: Hope In Hell

Hope In Hell is the 15th studio album by the heavy metal trio Anvil. They have built a cult-like following since they got their start in 1978 and influenced bands like Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica. “You’re as young as you feel, that’s the truth” is a lyric on the track “Time Shows No Mercy” that just about sums up the band’s career. Through their 15 studio albums, Anvil have continued to do what they love and build their reputation. The instruments are strong throughout the record, particularly on the title-track. The bass sits in the background as the drums command the rhythm with cymbal/snare beats while laying monstrous fills in between. “Eat Your Words” explodes with quick strummed riffs and a thrash-like beat that explains how this legendary group influenced the Big Four.

Anvil have a classic metal sound with an emphasis on rock ‘n’ roll. Songs like “Badass Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “Pay The Toll” and “Through With You” show their classic rock roots. The latter track sounds very close to Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water.” Let’s not forget, however, that they are a classic heavy metal band, and it is what they do. “Flying” features strong drumming and fast-paced riffs. A similar style is followed on “Mankind Machine” and “Fire At Will.” “Call Of Duty” has a more mellowed out approach with slow and melodic guitar parts.

Hope In Hell is full of heavy riffs, with the bass following the guitar’s lead and pounding drums that really add energy into the music. This is a brilliantly produced album that demonstrates how this band has influenced some of the more notable groups of the metal genre.

In A Word: Strong