Zorch: Zzoorrcchh

Open your mind and leave all sense of normality behind, because the only thing Zorch’s new doubly-lettered self-titled album is missing is a complementary light show with each song. Following their four-track EP in 2011, Cosmic Gloss/E.M.F., the English duo brings the same electronic experimental sound to Zzoorrcchh. With nine songs compiled into 40 minutes, some tracks range from under 60 seconds to over nine minutes. Filled to the brim with synthesizers and psychedelic sounds, you need to mentally prepare yourself before experiencing this record.

While Zzoorrcchh may be a trip, it’s carefully constructed so that it’s not just a bunch of noises whizzing around. This album contains high-quality production and its computerized ambiance embodies a life of its own. There isn’t too much emphasis on the lyrical content and the vocals tend to blend together within the songs so they sound more like an additional instrument. Thoughts of space and time can be heard, but if you’re willing to open your mind, you can pretty much tie Zzoorrcchh into any theme you desire. In today’s world of music, electronic experimental rock isn’t something completely left field anymore and for its genre, Zzoorrcchh stand out as an energetic and enjoyable.

In A Word: Spacey