Hailer: Another Way

Hailer are a psychedelic rock outfit from Sydney, Australia. Since the release of their debut album in 2010, the band has been working hard on their live performance. Their latest full-length, Another Way, was released back in May and showcases the strong chemistry the band worked for. The journey on this record begins with “Stroke Of The Night.” Guitars and vocals subtly kick in, giving the track an eerie appeal. This eeriness extends to the second track, “Spooky Clams.” The bass and guitars create a solid foundation of music, as haunting vocals are placed in the foreground. “Postcard” and “Don’t Let It Kill Your Love” both take an interesting approach in the production. The way the vocals are mixed gives it an old-school or lo-fi/psychedelic sound. “Postcard” is more reminiscent of an upbeat rock track and “Don’t Let It Kill Your Love” is more slow-paced.

“Holding Hands” continues with slower music and then becomes more upbeat as chords are finger-picked and a basic hi-hat/snare beat is held in the background. This same format is used in “Tina” as well, however, the band uses it in a way that is refreshing. There are alterations made in the drumming that allows for fantastic fills in between the various riffs. Vocals are strong in “It’s All On” and “Blue Star.” There is also a nice mix of melody and rhythm on “Blue Star,” making it one of my favorites on the album. Another Way ends where it began, with the slow and psychedelic “Two Feet.” With a wall of music, acoustic picking concludes the song.

This alternative rock album had everything from eerie music and haunting vocals to beautiful acoustic pieces and everything in between. It is a brilliant sophomore effort that lets us know that Hailer is a band to look out for.

In A Word: Groovy