Junior Astronomers: Dead Nostalgia

Junior Astronomers are an indie rock band hailing from Charlotte, NC. The four-piece have released two EPs before getting their new full-length, Dead Nostalgia, into the hands of their audience on July 23. Consisting of 12 songs, the band commands the listener’s attention with their howling vocals, interwoven guitar pieces and bass and drums that hold out the rhythm. My favorite track off Dead Nostalgia is “Touching War.” Melodic riffs are strummed until singer Terrence Richard’s punk-like vocals take over. Catchy is the best word to describe this cut, with infectious guitars and a vocal hook that doesn’t seem to get old. The drums stand out on the track as well and continue to impress on “Before Crimes” and “Gimmicks.” “GIV’ER” starts off with a heavy dose of tom, snare and cymbal work. Richard’s vocals are followed along by a backup singer’s, as the drums continue to impress throughout the song.

There is a common recurrence on the record in which the band alternates between slower-paced verses and upbeat choruses. “Little Sister, Little Dog” is another great tune off the record that continues the slow and upbeat variation. The chorus is dominated by arpeggiated riffs and punk rock screams. Punk influences can be heard in songs like “Neighbors” and “Blood In Her Brain.” It’s this combination of melodic but quick guitar playing, explosive drums and raw vocal style that give Junior Astronomer their distinct sound.

As a fan of both indie and punk rock, this was an enjoyable album to listen to. Dead Nostalgia is an impressive full-length from this young group. They know their musical style, know who their fans are, and deliver in a big way.

In A Word: Impressive