Portugal. The Man: Evil Friends

Eight records later, Portugal. The Man have crafted the incredibly detailed and smart Evil Friends. Since Waiter: You Vultures! debuted in 2006, the band put out a release every year until 2011. After two years in the making, Portugal. The Man revealed their ninth album was worth the wait. Produced by Danger Mouse, Evil Friends doesn’t take many listens to get attached to. “Modern Jesus, “Hip Hop Kids” and “Holy Roller [Hallelujah]” immediately jump off the record as the strongest tracks with their catchy hooks and independent mantra.

While touching upon influences of groove and punk, this record brings different elements to the mix. “Purple Yellow Red And Blue” highlights the psychedelic qualities on Evil Friends while tracks like “Creep In A T-Shirt” establish the resilient tone. The brilliant aspect of this album is how it captures a consistent sound from the first track to the very last, yet each song is individually strong enough to stand out on its own. The level of production quality on Evil Friends developed by Danger Mouse can also be heard as clean and sharp, adding its own element of value. Overall, this album proves to be an excellent addition to Portugal. The Man’s discography and my only critique would be that they maintain this level of quality with their next record.

In A Word: Brilliant