Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Radio Me

Locals, we meet again on our journey to discover the hottest talent. Summer is flying by, and with the Jersey Shore Music Festival rapidly approaching, I’ve been getting my research on for tons of new bands. Pretty cool to think there is a whole festival compacted with acts that are homegrown! Anyway, this week, I am going to feature a group that is new on the scene, though its members are not. Part of me wants to call them a supergroup, for each active piece has been a part of a successful act in the past. However, at the same time, I want them to be known for the project they are doing now, as they are simply trying new things, exploring new genres and making killer music. They’re not relying on old hooks or tricks and are, for the most part, finding new ones.

Radio Me consists of Tyler, Chris and Mike, a three-piece powerhouse of experienced musicians on a variety of instruments and parts. Hailing out of Brick, NJ, they are bringing a fresh pop rock style to life on the scene. Just when I thought Brick couldn’t pump out any more good music, they had me at hello again. Radio Me’s debut single, “Deep,” is, in my opinion, a certified summer smash. Upon the first week of its release, it had close to 1,000 plays. What is their secret? What’s the formula? If I had the answers to these questions, I’d probably be a lot richer. Although I don’t have the solutions, I am going to try and attempt it anyway.

I have to say that this potent lineup is the first step in the recipe of success. When you have three men who can all write songs in different genres, you are bound to turn something into a hit. As a writer, I find it to be somewhat of a release, a way where I can express what I am feeling about a certain subject, which just so happens to be music. Songwriting is an exceptional tool that can be used in so many ways, and this just so happens to be the best way possible. If you have a rough relationship, you can write about it. If you find the love of your life, you can write about it. If you just happen to have the best time of your life at a house party, hell, you can write about it! Long story short, you should always write a song about something you believe in. On the contrary, sure it’s fun playing songs for your own enjoyment, but it’s more fun to share your music with others and have them enjoy it as well.

I find it somewhat baffling that this is the first song the three of them ever wrote together, for it sounds like they’ve been at it for years. “Deep” is that song you blast with the windows down on long drives in the summer. It’s also that track that you actually could hear on repeat on the radio to the point where it will never get out of your head. Ever at a party and everyone keeps changing the iPod to play that one special song? Yeah, this is it. It has a perfect blend of pop and rock, tight instruments, and a very catchy chorus. It has good guitar work and a strong, driving beat. That being said, I think we have somewhat of an answer here. The structure of this song somewhat determines the affect that it had on me. In this case, it was the chorus. In addition to the top-notch production, there is also a great energy and teen spirit on this track. The high tempo almost tells you exactly how to feel: happy. The audience usually listens to the story that the band is telling, and I think Radio Me has everyone at the edge of their seats. It doesn’t hurt that these guys were friends before bandmates because their chemistry is natural, not put on just for the act. I personally find this to be extremely important in the success of a group. Making it a point to frequently spend social time with each member will give you a chance to discuss common concern and dreams. In this case, a fresh act was born.

Radio Me are scheduled to lay down an EP this summer and then eventually take their music on the road. Most bands have one commercially appealing single, if they’re lucky, and if they’re phenomenally talented, they’ll have several. I honestly cannot wait to hear the remaining tracks that these three will bring to the table. Their ability to craft insanely addictive hooks is so evident here. I know all three of these guys personally, and to say they love what they do is an understatement. It’s situations like these where I would almost say they’d make it big off their passion, but with the combination of talent, one couldn’t paint a better picture. They seem to have a clear vision of the type of music that they all want to play, which is also extremely important. From what I have seen over the past few years, if you really want to succeed in the music business, you have to be willing to get down and dirty. Think of the craziest, most passionate thing you’ve ever done for someone you really care about. Hold the flowers, the candy, and think broader. Now take that idea and put it into music and maybe, just maybe, they will have that shot they want. By the looks of their social medias, sharing and plays, almost everyone seems to be on board so far.

I highly suggest you become familiar with Radio Me, for they will be taking over the market in the near future. I could almost guarantee it! I’m hoping to one day watch them play with a national act or perhaps even headline their own tour. I will be first on line to get their new tracks upon release, unless some of you beat me to it! I truly feel that fans of all genres will enjoy their material. Until next week, when we all meet again to chat local music, start getting some bands on your radar! Get out to the shows and see what the fuss is all about!