Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun: Brasil

With the release of their sophomore EP, Brasil, Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun showcase their infectious indie rock vibe. Fans of Talking Heads, Joy Division and The Smiths will appreciate the soft yet complex sound of Brasil and Victor Fernandes’ deep vocals that draw almost an immediate comparison to Morrissey. With six tracks in 22 minutes, each song demands attention and has its own personal story to tell. In “Brasil,” the narrative about escaping a situation to find something better resonates until it explodes with a string of exotic beats toward the end, making it stand out amongst the rest of the album.

Personal struggles are highlighted throughout Brasil, touching on topics of suicide, persecution and loved ones becoming ill. However, they don’t feel like sad sob stories; instead, it’s turned into something beautiful and somewhat relatable. With songs lasting between four and six minutes, they’re packed with various elements that make each one distinctive. Opening with “Cut And Run,” the intro builds by adding on each individual instrument and sets the tone for a creepy yet likeable experience. I personally favored “Their Planes” because of its dark qualities and rapid guitar picking, while “Youth And Angels” proved to be more upbeat by incorporating tambourines and smooth background vocals.

Brasil is a skillfully multifaceted album and I anticipate hearing a full-length from Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun.

In A Word: Intricate