Inch Chua: Bumfuzzle

Bumfuzzle is the sophomore solo album by Inch Chua, YouTube vlogger (her small series Gear Gawk discusses the musical equipment she and some other artists use) and frontwoman for the Singaporean band Allura. Though the full-length’s name has no easily discernible meaning, the middle syllable is a hint at a personal obsession and a common theme of her music.

A wide range of influences is plainly evident, making the record an eclectic buffet of composition. Her own form of indie, born from her upbringing in the musical underground of Singapore, harmonizes perfectly with the stylings of the big name alternatives, like The Foo Fighters, that she cites as influences. The eighth track, “Inchcision,” is an instant favorite of mine. It is both romantic and raw, built on an addictive and, you guessed it, fuzzed-out guitar riff carrying a natural “must learn for myself” quality which takes turns with smooth arpeggios. The LP closes with “Glow,” a soft and quiet song; a perfect ending for an album that is both deeply emotional and fun in a way that an amusement park is fun for a young child.

Inch Chua’s unquenchable desire to play with sound and take electric instruments to the next level is evident on Bumfuzzle. She claims that there were no synths used anywhere in the recording process, which means that guitars were used to make some impressive noises. All of these tracks are perfect for anyone who is a fan of a perfect combination of classic guitar playing and modern experimentation and ingenuity. And, best of all, this girl can sing. With this release, Inch Chua uses music and fashion to introduce a new side of herself, one that fits her niche perfectly.

In A Word: Pleasant