Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Audio Insight

Locals, we meet again. I must say, this past week has been record-breaking for the amount of music submissions I have received! Needless to say, keep them coming. Many of them are new bands I haven’t heard of, while some of them are new projects from you all. I will be dedicating a whole day in the near future to pumping out some tunes! I also have heard some good news that one of my favorite groups on the scene will be releasing some new music in the near future!

As I get older, it takes more for music to keep my attention, and I think that a lot of us could agree with that. I find myself looking more and more for proficiency and good songwriting, which at times can have nothing to do with one another. So much music nowadays just sounds the same; there is no depth, not a lot of meaning, and not much originality. However, standing in my shoes, I have been lucky to find some really cool acts. Just as I was really getting deep into the local music scene a few weeks back, one of the first bands I played went by the name of Audio Insight. These guys have been going hard in the scene for a few strong years now, even being featured in The Aquarian on other platforms in the past. For a group to keep my attention for this amount of a time, something must be right. This band is at a time in their careers where they have found their footing, and are rapidly growing into the monster that they will be come. Don’t know who they are? Well, let us embellish a little further.

Audio Insight are a three-piece “Progressive/Post-Hardcore” band from Woodbridge, New Jersey. I first met them a few years back at one of the Rat’s Band Search Competitions, and they were just as cool in person as they sound on their CDs. Having great, positive attitudes along with a solid work ethic, they are destined for success. I don’t know the backstory behind the name, or even how they met, though I feel that this is not necessary at all for someone to enjoy their music.

Sometimes artists depend too much on history; it doesn’t always work. Anthony, Mike and Dan each bring something unique to the table. If you’ve never seen them live, you probably would have no idea there were only three of them, for their sound is extremely full. The songwriting that they exude is superb, and even though some of the lyrics read and sound like pissed-the-hell-off poems, with very perplexing pronouncements, every tune has something in it emotionally that the listener can identify with.

I am really in love with their track “Bathe In The Earth.” In fact, when I recommend this band to a friend, this is the track I start out with. I also recommend “Sheepskin,” and you will see why after you listen. The group’s full ability can be seen on this number. I am anxious and eager to hear what their new disc will sound like, as it will surely not disappoint. It’s awesome to watch these guys gain the strong momentum and fanbase that they are so deserving of. It also can’t hurt that they are recording with the legendary Chris Pennie, the former drummer of Coheed And Cambria and Dillinger Escape Plan. That right there deserves some bragging rights, and their material will back up the words.

Now, let’s talk their live set, which is worth every word. The first time I saw them, I was amazed how much Anthony and Mike feed off one another with interesting and impressive guitar structures and progressions. Danny is a beast of a drummer, letting you feel your heart pound out of your chest. He swerves in and out of various beats and drops in and out of half time at a moment’s notice. I also find Anthony’s vocals to be top-notch, especially in person. You can sometimes hear a vocalist on a track and not realize how polished they are until you actually hear them live; this, however, is not the case here. You will find that it’s very easy to get completely lost in their performance. His range is quite unique, whether he’s screaming or belting out choruses. Their sound is insanely complex, and their musicianship is basically on the highest level. Long story short, I am a complete sucker for it. According to their socials, they will be hitting the road hard this month and early fall, so if you get the chance to catch them, do not pass it up.

I’m uncertain what the ultimate goal of Audio Insight may be, but I know the future will be bright for these three fine gentlemen. For me, I am the kind of person who appreciates the talent, creativity, uniqueness, and perseverance they have displayed at this point in their careers. Be sure to check their pages daily to find out about the upcoming release of their new record, and catch them live. These guys never cease to amaze me with what they will have up their sleeves. If you’re looking for a band that you have a hard time placing into a specific genre and an even harder time explaining to someone how it sounds, this is the band for you. If you want a group that will drag you in and make you feel awesome, look no further. Hopefully Audio Insight will bring you as much joy as they have brought me! I will be first in line to purchase their record upon release!

Until next week, my friends, where we spotlight some more local music, get out there and support your local music scene!