Crazy And The Brains: Let Me Go

Awww yeah, another Crazy And The Brains release! A debut full-length! Still with xylophone! If you can’t tell, I’m fucking excited. Todd over at Baldy Longhair handpicks every band to ensure brilliance and maximum tunage, and this record is a real gem.

Starting off with an instrumental intro, Let Me Go spins into a barrage of short, sweet and fun rock ‘n’ roll songs that will make you want to dance and spill your beer and fall asleep with your shoes on—without the threat of waking up with sharpie drawings all over your face. The title-track, which has appeared on a previous release, is still my favorite, but songs like “Sexy Magazines” and “Mexico” (featuring Adam Green of The Moldy Peaches!) are slowly starting to worm their little ways through my ear canals and into my brain the more I listen.

Throughout it all, no matter how crass or snotty the lyrics get or how flustered the instrumentation gets, there’s still that damn xylophone that seems to say, “We’re still technical! We’re still fun! It’s all lighthearted! We’re gonna sing about peeing in the ocean now!”

An anthemic track called “NYC” about, you guessed it, not wanting to leave New York City and a strangely heartfelt song about a boyhood crush on Lindsay Lohan (you can’t miss it, it’s the one called “Lindsay Lohan”) stand out on this record too, and it closes with the incredibly relatable “Say My Name” that just, as always with a BLR release, leaves me wanting more. I really can’t wait to hear what these guys put out next.

In A Word: PARTY!