Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Plantation

Locals, we meet again. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been introduced to a ton of new bands, just starting out on this thing we call the local scene. Every time I think it’s impossible for more groups to come out of one state, I am proven wrong. I love when friends say to me, “How many bands do you listen to? There are so many it seems like.” Well, yeah, this is the point, friend. There is so much new music out there just dying to be heard and recognized, someone has to do it!

To stick to a trend, I recently announced that the fine folks at 95.9 The Rat are on board with Jersey Rock having a monthly metal feature on my show. I couldn’t be more ecstatic about this because I love metal, along with heavy rock, and there are so many groups out there that I will now be able to spotlight. Therefore, as I said before, my submissions have been booming with fresh new talent of heavier rock. I got so many great responses from heavy bands like Toothgrinder, Stone The Martyr, BoundAlive, VTT and so many more. One act that’s really stuck out goes by the name of Plantation. It came to my surprise that I hadn’t heard of them yet, for they have a lot of likes on socials and people seem to be buzzing about them on a regular now that I am aware of it. You may know them already, or this may be your first time experiencing them. Either way, let us embark on the journey together.

Plantation are a rock outfit from Vineland with band members Patrick, Brian, Jeff, Corey and Tom. Tom is also the newest member of the group, so I am here to wish him the best of luck. I don’t know too much about the history of this band, how they met or what their favorite past times are, but I do know that I like their music. They wrote on my Facebook page—which, yes, I do check—and it led me to click on their page. The band is currently working on some new projects, which I will be sure to play. I scrolled over to their “music” tab to give myself a taste, and was very satisfied.

I started out listening to a track called “Painted Desert.” It was most definitely a good leadoff choice for someone like myself who had never heard the band. The main riff is heavy and strong, and I like the way the tempo picks up in places. I then proceeded to indulge in “Out Of The Dark,” which is another personal favorite. This is one of those tracks that I just keep coming back to, no matter where I am in life or what state of mood I am in. It is always relevant, and seems to carry a new message for me upon each listen. If you also check out tracks like “Been This Far” and “Sensimillia,” you will find that there is enough variety in their discography that all songs don’t sound the same, even if they do sound alike. The darker sound works well and powerful with the unique lead vocals and lyrical messages. They are aggressive, raw, heavy and real, yet could also be called refined and compound.

Out of the five tracks that I got down with, I can say they are very well executed and technically awesome, setting a high standard for some hard rock. There is a hardness present here that also can be more tempered at times. To explain a little further, what we have here are big, loud, guitar-driven rock songs with grand, fantastic vocals. Yet, somehow, they still manage to maintain and contain softer, soothing vocals that could give you a completely unexpected melodic tone. Let’s just say that I am intrigued.

I have yet to catch their live set, and it’s on my to-do list. I have, however, explored the wonderful land of YouTube, which gave me some insight on their performances. It’s pretty obvious that they bring the house down! One of the main reasons I am determined to get to a show is that I saw they posted acoustic versions of their songs, which could open a whole door of opportunity for my ears. It’s sometimes hard to imagine a band stripping down their heavy tunes, but it can give you a true perspective of how talented they actually are. These guys have some great recordings that are hard-hitting, musical and emotional, all in one package. I am confident that on their next release, the band will mature and branch out artistically, without losing any of their edge. They are very innovative in their musical approach and the best is yet to come. Plantation doesn’t strike me as a band that is going to make the same product time and time again, for I think they will definitely tweak their style around.

Be sure to keep following Plantation for updates on their new release, new members, shows and more. They are very interactive with their fans, so I am sure you will have no trouble finding them and becoming a fan! I will also be spinning them on my show in the near future, so you can tell me how you like it then! I will be back next week spotlighting some hot, local talent for your liking. In the meantime, grab a show flyer, pull up a bar stool, and attend a show or two! The venues aren’t going to fill themselves.