Brick + Mortar: Bangs

Visionary duo Brick + Mortar illustrate a fresh creative direction on their new EP, Bangs. Following 7 Years In The Mystic Room, the band kicks their complex electro indie rock sound up a notch through carefully crafting and layering their own music. As a result, Bangs stands out as a multifaceted record bursting with texture. The seven-track EP opens by bringing the thumping beat to the forefront in “Bangs,” and steadily introduces different qualities throughout the song. What makes this release recognizable is Brick + Mortar’s meticulous attention to detail. Techniques of running music via old tape players and synthesizers through effects all the while blending together features of new and vintage can be heard.

“No I Won’t Go” stands out as a favorite track because with so many different effects streaming through three minutes, it has a steady flow from note to note. “Old Boy” also jumps out with a rush of energy and ties in a similar theme of trying to connect that was heard on 7 Years In The Mystic Room. Bangs proves to be a satisfying follow-up to their first release, as it draws off their original sound while at the same time displaying growth by executing a steady cohesiveness. Fans of IAMDYNAMITE and Ratatat will appreciate the vigor and intricate feel of Bangs. Brick + Mortar have precisely created their own distinct sound with miles of depth, and with Bangs, you’re locked in and ready to go.

In A Word: Innovative