Wild Rompit: Spirit Moves

Emerging from Philly’s college music scene, Wild Rompit followed their 2011 EP Brotherhood with the release of Spirit Moves, a record that captures careful precision in production quality, songwriting and overall cohesiveness from start to finish. Riding on their gritty indie rock sound, Spirit Moves exhibits influences of smooth blues, folk and soul, and Blair Ollendorf’s vocals shine with the right amount of rustic vitality. “Right Coast Blues” depicts their inspiration with blues-style guitar riffs, solos and thumping lyrics that demand attention. Fans of Little Hurricane’s Homewrecker and River City Extension’s Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger will appreciate this album and its ability to produce an honest and deeply personal connection.

Produced by guitarist Brandon Bost, two years of meticulous attention to aesthetic detail can be clearly heard in all 10 tracks. From soft vocal harmonies echoing in the background to the subtle piano notes, the carefully timed breaks and how the song slowly builds in just under five minutes, “Lost” is a prime example of how multiple characteristics elegantly tie together to create a multifaceted number. “We’ll Be Okay” brings a nice finish to the record by opening with gentle yet powerful acoustics, moving swiftly into a larger and more complex sound and then eventually transitioning into a calm close. Between the smooth introduction of each instrument and how they intertwine to create the overall sound quality, Wild Rompit establish with Spirit Moves that they’ve achieved a new level of dynamic value and growth within their music.

In A Word: Dynamic