Maria Mar’s Local Radar: Swim.

Local rockers, we are together again! These weeks seem so long that we are apart, and Wednesday has certainly become my favorite day of the week. So, let’s kick it off with some more exciting things that have been happening on the local front. My friends in Brick + Mortar have been added to go on tour with Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green, my boys in Kid Felix recently shared the stage with Three Days Grace, and Toothgrinder won a showcase to perform for Sumerian Records out in Los Angeles! I may be biased, but it seems to me like the local bands are dominating right now! It’s rewarding to see so many groups that work so hard get recognized for their amazing talent. I mean, let’s be serious, many of these local acts are more talented than these nationally signed acts. Yes, those are fighting words, but I would go to bat for any of these groups! Okay, okay, I will put the gloves down so I can continue to write. So, on that note, while the positive momentum is gaining, let us spotlight a band that has a compiled to-do list in the near future!

Swim., a Trenton-based outfit, have a very soothing rock sound. Compiled of four talented men, they make their tunes easy for the listener. They formed around 2010, and seem to have a strong, developing fanbase. I cannot exactly recall what initially turned me on to this band, as I sort through dozens of submissions on a daily basis. I also don’t have any idea how I managed to miss them for so long. Maybe it was their self-comparison to Incubus, because if you know me at all, you know that they are at the top of my list. Hopefully in the near future we can all sit down and chitchat about what the band name means. Perhaps they just like pools, or an occasional summer dip.

When I first dove deep into their latest record, Dies Natalis, I barely came up for air. I usually start off sampling bands with EPs or singles, so the fact that I made it all the way through a full-length says a lot. (If something doesn’t grab my attention within the first 30 seconds, I tend to hit skip, and I am sure a lot of you can agree with me there.) “The Perfect Fight” was one of the tunes that stood out most. It has a very radio-friendly vibe and could make the crossover to pretty much any format. I could also hear this song being used in a movie trailer, or perhaps in a preview for an up-and-coming tv show. “Stepping Stone,” which really showcases Vinny’s vocal range, proves that they can completely change up their tone as well. He is an amazing singer and holds a natural ability to hit a broad range of notes while displaying a dominant ear for music. The guitars are also very prominent on many tracks, which I love. Each member brings something equally appealing to the table, and no member is drowned out by the other. I also highly recommended “Destinations,” which is the album opener. It holds a rocking vibe that is sure to please just about everyone. Also give “The Bind” a listen, for this will solidify your inner super-fan mentality.

A continuous pattern that you will notice in nearly all of their tracks is that their lyrics are very thought provoking and are extremely relatable to a broad range of listeners. Swim. make music that is catchy and technical. It can also be solemn yet energetic and uplifting. Each track has its very own identity and destination; nothing is filler here. Honestly, any song on the record could be used as a single, and I truly mean that. I’ve found throughout time that the amount of bands that can accomplish this is very minimal. Crazy you ask? Check it out for yourself; it’s a rollercoaster.

Swim. recently announced that they would be sharing the stage with American Idol alum David Cook at the Encore Event Center in Freehold for iPlay America. This will be a perfect fit for them, for David Cook is also one of those artists who can make the crossover from the mainstream/modern rock market. In fact, he is one of the few musicians from that show that I actually respect and enjoy, as he is a true artist.

Swim. are a great modern rock band, though if you are looking for something groundbreaking in style and composition, you may not find it here. However, if you are looking for true emotion and honest music written from personal experiences, there is no way in hell you will be disappointed. I have yet to see them live, and the show at Encore on Nov. 10 will be my first time, so you should join me as well. In the meantime, you can get your fix on their YouTube channel, where the videos showcase their talents.

This is another one of the many talented local acts you should get on your radar. I have been keeping in contact with the band through the wonderful outlet we call Twitter, and I am glad they reached out to me. These guys are very active on social media, constantly promoting and branding their product. Pick up their record and get out to their shows, for I think there is something special there for fans of all genres. I will be back next week with another act that is getting my ears excited, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know! I love to hear your feedback! Pick a show to attend this weekend guys and maybe we will collide!